My New Job Offers Financial Stability And Leaves Me Feeling Fulfilled

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on May 18, 2018

(L-R) Teresa with Michael Ford, Success Story whose new job offers him financial stability.
(L-R) Tacoma Staffing Specialist Teresa McGowan and Michael Ford.

When Michael Ford learned that he was going to be a father, he decided that he needed more financial stability.

He’d been working as fitness trainer for seven years.and he didn’t think that it would allow him to provide for a growing family.

He connected with a TERRA recruiter at a hiring event and soon after began working with our Tacoma office. Michael was placed on a variety of assignments. And one of those jobs resulted in him getting hired on a full-time basis.

Things went well, but after about a year and a half, Michael found himself needing new employment.

He turned to TERRA once more for help with his job search.

Thanks to his previous experience working with TERRA, many of the recruiters in the Tacoma office already knew Michael. He had a great reputation as a hardworking, reliable employee.

Teresa McGowan, Tacoma Staffing Specialist, said, “I knew that Michael was a good worker. He just needed an opportunity to shine.”

She had a client who was looking for someone with a strong work ethic, who was motivated and worked well with others. Someone they could potentially train and move up within the company.  She felt that Michael met all of their criteria.

“Though he had been hired in the past by a TERRA client, I still didn’t feel like we had found Michael the right fit. I was confident that this client was the place for him and that he would love working for them. But he was a bit apprehensive. You see, his previous jobs had paid the bills, but they didn’t fulfill him,” she said.

And while his goal was to provide for his two-year-old daughter, it was also really important for him to find a job that was the right fit.

“I asked Michael to trust me and told him that my goal was to find him a job where he could flourish. He said, ‘Okay, Teresa, I will trust you on this.’”

To make sure the job was right for him, Teresa checked in on him regularly, wanting to know how he was enjoying the job and how things were going.

Sure enough, he was a rock star and incredibly successful. What’s even better is that he loved the job!

Michael said, “I fell in love with the people and the company. I started as a temp, pulling parts, and was then promoted to Operator 3. Four months later, I was promoted to Operator 1, doing welding.

“Before TERRA, I didn’t have a good experience working with staffing firms. They treated me like cattle. So I was skeptical about partnering with them, but I am glad I did. I definitely recommend working with TERRA on your job search. It’s worth it.”

He added, “I am so thankful for my job. The company I work for offers tuition reimbursement and I am going to pursue business marketing and hopefully get a job in the marketing department.”

That’s right. Not only has Michael already been promoted – twice! – he is continuing to learn and growing his career!

Want to be as successful as Michael? Here’s what he had to say:

My parents taught me to work hard and to work smart. I’m competitive and want to be the best, and do my best..

When I started the job, I never felt like I was the new guy and never doubted that I could make an impact. I had fresh eyes and knew I could make a difference.

Be open. Be on-time. Work hard. Be willing to do extra things. Good things will come.

We are so happy we could help Michael find the right fit! And we are excited to share some great, additional news!

Towards the end of 2017, Michael was able to purchase his first house! Being a homeowner has allowed him to feel a great sense of accomplishment, for both him and his daughter.

Michael, we wish you continued success!

How TERRA Can Help You

Need help finding a job that offers financial stability? Want to find a job that leaves you feeling fulfilled?

TERRA Staffing is a leading temp agency that works with companies large and small, across a variety of industries. We can open the door to new career opportunities.

Getting started with us is simple. Just check out our current job openings.

We have offices in the Seattle-Puget SoundPortland-Metro, and Phoenix-Metro areas and our expert recruiters are waiting to speak with you!

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