My New Job is Perfect for Me and I Have a Great Work-Life Balance

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 10, 2018

Maintaining a good work-life balance is really important to Jocelyn Walker. Especially since she has a family to support.

She needs consistency and stability – as do her children. But she didn’t always have that in her line of work.

For over 10 years, she worked doing stockroom support and customer service. Being that most of her work was in the retail industry, having a good work-life balance was difficult.

It was especially challenging for Jocelyn in her most recent position. She regularly found herself taking on job duties outside of her role. Her schedule and the extra work made taking care of her family challenging.

She felt stretched. She just wanted a simple, but stable job. Something had to give.

That’s when Jocelyn remembered TERRA. A friend of hers had found some production work through the Phoenix office. She felt confident that they would be able to help her find a good job opportunity, thanks to her previous experience doing customer service and production.

So, she scheduled an interview with Recruiting Coordinator, Jeniffer Toledo.

Jeniffer said, “Jocelyn was very eager to work. She was open to any type of warehouse position. She really had a great attitude and a willingness to excel.”

Two days after her interview, Jocelyn accepted her first assignment. It was a one-day general labor job, but she just wanted an opportunity to prove herself.

Here’s what’s awesome: though she was offered other short-term production work, the employer from her first assignment kept requesting Jocelyn back!

They recognized her previous production knowledge and knew she would be an asset to the company.

And it should come as no surprise that Jocelyn has been converted to a full-time, regular employee!

Her hard work and desire to succeed helped her turn a one-day assignment into a career!

“I love that I have a job that’s fast-paced and consistent. And it helps that the people are fun and funny, and that we all work well together as a team,” Jocelyn said. “This job is perfect for me!”

“Jocelyn is a hard worker,” her supervisor said. “She exceeds client expectations and sets a great example for the rest of the employees,”

Jeniffer added, “Jocelyn has been complimented frequently by her peers on her safety and work ethic!”

We asked Jocelyn what advice she had for job seekers, and she said:

“Just keep trying, keep going. Don’t give up – you’ll lose your drive and motivation. If you put the effort in, you WILL see results.”

This was Jocelyn’s first experience working with a staffing agency, and she was thrilled with the results. She’s already recommended TERRA to family and friends looking for work.

Jocelyn also wanted to give a special thank you to Jeniffer for her constant support.

“Jeniffer talked to me every day – whether it was just to check-in to make sure I was happy, or to make sure that my financial needs were always being met.”

Thanks for being such an inspiration, Jocelyn! We wish you continued success!

How TERRA Can Help You

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