I Found a Great Job and Was Able to Buy the New Car I Needed

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on January 10, 2020

Antonio Bertomeu’s car was on its last leg – or, in this case, tire.

He was trying his best to save up for a new one, but it was difficult. He wasn’t getting many hours at his delivery job and couldn’t save what he needed.

It became clear to Antonio that he needed to start looking for a new job, if he was ever going to reach his goal.

A friend of his, in an effort to help, let him know there was an opening at the warehouse where he worked.

“The job paid a lower wage than what I was making,” Antonio said. “But they told me I’d be working a lot of hours. This would not only make up the difference, but allow me to make more than I was before.”

Shortly thereafter, he started working at the warehouse, eager to start making more money. His new car was now seemingly within reach.

It wasn’t what he was expecting.

“I wasn’t getting the hours I was anticipating,” he shared. “It got to the point where I couldn’t even keep my current car running, let alone save up for a new one.”

To make matter worse, his expenses were soon surpassing his income! He quickly started looking for a new job.

“I had bills to pay and needed something fast and made sure to apply to at least one job a day,” he revealed. “I was open to a lot of different types of work and just really needed something.”

He went to TERRA’s Tukwila branch office for an interview.

Unfortunately, the day he was in the office, they didn’t have the right fit for him. But he would soon receive a call from Recruiter Amanda Stifter.

Amanda was recruiting for a warehouse position and thought Antonio would be a good fit.

According to Amanda, “He had great experience for the role, and it turned out he had a great personality for the company,”

Antonio’s interview with employer went great!

“The company loved his can-do attitude. It was a great fit right off the bat!” Amanda exclaimed.

He has been in the role a few months now and is still loving it.

Antonio explained why.

“I’m actually getting regular, full-time hours in this job. Not only has my pay doubled, I’m getting benefits that I never had before.”

What’s even better is that his fondness and appreciation for his job goes beyond money.

“I’m working at a non-profit that’s delivering food to people in need,” he said. “I’m not just stacking things on pallets that are going to sit in a warehouse for months collecting dust.”

Antonio has become a valued member of the organization.

Amanda shared, “The employer told me that he fit in right away and really owned his role, “He’s proven himself to be a hard worker and a great team player.”

Employers always value employees who possess a strong work ethic. And this is a perfect example. Because Antonio did so well in this long-term temporary role, the company hired him on as a full-fledged employee!

Just when you thought his story couldn’t get better, it does!

“Thanks to this job, I was actually able to save up and buy myself a new car a few weeks ago!” Antonio exclaimed!

Looking for a new job can be draining and sometimes you may feel like you can’t win. If you’ve ever felt like this, Antonio has the following advice:

“Don’t give up. Apply to as many possible places you can find. Eventually you will find something.”

Congratulations, Antonio! Your journey and your determination to succeed is impressive. You are inspiring and we wish you continued success in your career! And we hope you enjoy your new car!

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