Success Story Update: Alex Brooks Shares His Secret for Turning a Contract Assignment into a Career Opportunity

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on September 30, 2014

On Alex’s first day, The Seattle Times showed up to snap photos for an article about the company. He closed his first sale and made the news!

Six months ago we shared the story of Alex Brooks with you. He came to TERRA looking for a position that would allow him to utilize his background in business development, marketing and sales. Suzette Nedervelt, Seattle recruiter, placed Alex in a temporary-to-hire position with an up-and-coming start-up company that was growing and had tremendous advancement opportunities.

We’d hoped that this would be a career-defining opportunity for Alex – and it has been just that!

He started in a customer service role and has since been promoted three times! And according to his employer, each time Alex has moved up, he has exceeded his goals and has been the “unofficial leader” of his teams. Now he is a sales role, utilizing his experience, and loving his position.

Oh, and did we mention that he has been converted to full-time, regular employment?

But what did Alex do to turn this job into a career? He demonstrated his adaptability and his desire to do great work, even when things were challenging..

Here is what Alex shared regarding his continued success:

You simply have to be agile enough to embrace growth and change to succeed. What separated me from others was my focus on exceeding expectations in every role and serving as a leader for each team. My advice to anyone that’s working to earn a full-time job is committing to being the most dynamic person you know within your team.

Attitude goes a long way in creating opportunities, regardless of whether the assignment is long-term or temporary.  It is NOT impossible to turn a temporary assignment into a career. Bring your A-game to the job, be positive, make connections with your team, and you will increase your odds of going from “newbie” to MVP – just like Alex Brooks did!

If you’ve been searching for the Right Fit™ but have had no luck finding your dream job, it’s time to consider teaming up with a recruitment agency.

Staffing firms match millions of people to jobs every day and are an invaluable resource to job seekers.

They offer different employment options: temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct placement opportunities. And while often times people desire direct hire opportunities, you should not avoid doing contract work.

Contract positions allow you to:

  • Make new contacts
  • Gain new experiences
  • Bridge any gaps on your resume
  • Sample different industries

And remember, temporary doesn’t always mean short. Many temporary assignments result in repeat employment and full-time placements!

Don’t shy away from temporary work, or partnering with a staffing agency. You could miss out on creating your own success story!

Contact us today to learn more about how TERRA can help you in your job search. We are committed to providing the best opportunities possible and helping you find the Right Fit™.


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