Temp Work Has Helped Me Build a Well-Rounded and Desirable Skill Set

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on December 4, 2018

Alden Condict has had a successful career doing temp work.Some people shy away from temp work. But for those willing to give it a shot, it can sometimes lead to a successful, long-term career.

At least it did for Alden Condict.

Alden came from a background of customer service and retail. He enjoyed meeting and helping people so much, that he worked for over 5 years at one of the world’s largest multinational retailers and discount stores.

Although he loved his job, and his home-state of Colorado, Alden was in need of a fresh start. He decided to move to Tacoma, Washington, but was shocked to find out there wasn’t a store in that location that he could transfer to.

He decided to make the move anyway, accepting that he would be starting over in all aspects – including a new job.

Once he first arrived in Washington, he sent out resumes in masses. But for some reason, Alden didn’t hear anything back.

He decided to try another avenue.

He did an online search for the closest staffing agency. That’s when he discovered TERRA’s Tacoma branch.

Alden called their office and spoke to one of the recruiters, Betty Dawson, explaining he was looking for a clerical or customer service position.

She scheduled him for an interview the next day.

Betty thought Alden was a great candidate. He had a positive attitude, great skills and experience, and was eager to start something new.

Betty and the Tacoma team kept him busy, offering a variety of seasonal work for several of their clients.

Alden proved to be consistent in every assignment, always reliable and giving 100%. And one of the clients noticed!

They requested him back for another temporary assignment and he has now been with the company for over 3 years!

He loves working in the mail room, processing and preparing orders, making deliveries throughout the building and connecting with people. He also enjoys the fast-paced rushes reminiscent of his retail days.

We asked Alden what he liked most about temporary assignments. He said, “You get paid every week instead of every two – so that’s a plus! But the real perk is getting to experience multiple companies to help you understand what job fits you best.”

Regarding his experience with TERRA, he said, “This has been the smoothest experience with any staffing agency I’ve worked with. I was offered potential positions almost immediately. Betty and the Tacoma team have been helpful, easy to work with and address any situations or questions I have.”

Alden has this advice for anyone looking to try work in a new industry:

“Gain as much experience as you can, and make it well-rounded. Be versatile in the skills you learn so that you’re not limiting yourself to one type of job. If you specialize, you can get stuck.”

That’s excellent advice, Alden! Thank you for sharing your story and allowing TERRA to help find your long-term home.

How TERRA Can Help You

Are you interested in trying temp work?

TERRA can connect you to many employers currently hiring in your area.

Check out our current job openings.Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us. New jobs become available daily and the sooner we know of your interests, the sooner we can work with you to find the right fit.

We have offices in the Seattle-Puget SoundPortland-Metro, and Phoenix-Metro areas and our expert recruiters are waiting to speak with you!

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