I Love that My New Job Allows Me to Make an Impact on the Business

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on December 18, 2018

Broc Nyblod worked in electrical system designs for over 6 years, and enjoyed the work he was doing.

What he found particularly fun was having ownership of certain projects. He liked knowing that the work he was doing was making a positive impact on the company.

When his employer made some staffing changes, Broc found himself having less ownership. Instead, he found himself being bounced around in order to work on miscellaneous projects.

Though flattering that they thought he was so versatile and capable, Broc found himself wanting more opportunity to tackle projects on a larger scale.

But he wasn’t exactly unhappy in his role.

So, while he Broc would have preferred a role that allowed him the chance to take on more and make more of an impact, he wasn’t necessarily looking for a new job.

Meanwhile, Technical South Division Manager Tabitha Delaire was recruiting for an engineering role. She came across Broc while doing a search and decided to give him a call. After speaking with him, she realized Broc wasn’t a fit for that particular engineering position, but he did have some impressive skills.

Tabitha thought he would still be a perfect fit for her client.

She shared, “Broc had a great personality. He was engaging, energetic, professional, relatable, and real. The list goes on. He also had a great and unique skill set, and he wanted to grow and take on more.”

But there was one problem: they didn’t have another open position.

Determined, Tabitha reached out to her client and expressed why Broc’s skills, experience and attitude were a great fit for their business.

She told her client, “I know he doesn’t have the exact experience you’re looking for, but you’ll want to talk to him. His personality fit is a slam dunk.”

Intrigued, the client decided to interview him, despite not having a job for him.

The interview couldn’t have gone any smoother.

His skill set was in line with the business and his growth mindset was exactly what they look for in a candidate. He was also an expert in Revvit software, which is a hard skill to find.

It made sense to bring him on. So – and here’s the best part – the client created a position for him as an Electrical Designer!

Broc loves his new position and said it’s a much better fit. He likes that he gets to put his software knowledge to use and can put his personal touch on style, fixtures and layouts.

He said, “I feel like I have input in an impactful way.”

We asked Broc what advice he had for job seekers. He said:

“Jobs are all about trial and error. They’ve taught me what I want, and don’t want, for the future.

Do whatever it is you want to do, don’t settle. I wasn’t afraid to say what I wanted and what makes me happy.

I never thought I’d have a chance like this, so don’t give up! Opportunities are out there!”

Fun fact: Broc had never worked with a staffing agency before partnering with TERRA.

“I’m shocked at how easy the process was,” he shard. “Tabitha was so great! I felt like I barely had to do anything!”

We are glad you had a great experience working us, Broc. We wish you continued success and are looking forward to seeing all the ways you continue to impact your organization!

How TERRA Can Help You

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