Temp Work Taught Me New Skills and Opened the Door to a Great Job

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on October 4, 2017

Vincent Wright, also known as Vinny, was an experienced mechanic, living in California, who specialized in both boat and rental repair. He had a successful career and, being passionate about all things mechanical, he was really happy in his rental mechanic position.

Then, in March of 2017, his wife’s employer transferred her to Phoenix. This forced Vinny to give up his job and relocate to Arizona.

Finding a job that was mechanical in nature was a challenge.

His wife recommended that he reach out to a top temp agency in Phoenix for help with his job search.

Vinny had never worked with a staffing agency before and was a little nervous.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” he shared. “I’ve been consistently employed since I was 18. A part of me thought, ‘Oh my God, what am I getting into?’”

But, at the end of the day, finding employment was Vinny’s top priority and he decided to keep an open mind.

He went to TERRA’s West Phoenix office and met with Branch Manager, Stephanie Rady.

Stephanie said, “Vincent was incredibly professional during his interview. He had excellent communication skills and I found him to be very kind and caring. He really needed a job and was eager to start working again.”

Though he was primarily interested in a full-time, long-term job opportunity doing mechanical work, Vinny was not averse to doing temporary work.

His flexibility allowed our West Phoenix branch to help him get to work right away and start earning income again.

He did general labor jobs, installation work, loading and unloading, among other things.

Finally, the West Phoenix team was able to find him an opportunity that was more in line with his long-term goals: a temp-to-hire manufacturing role, working with machines.

Stephanie shared, “Vincent was very mechanically inclined and had experience using small hand tools, which was exactly what the client was looking for. He always had a great attitude when we offered him temporary jobs and he was always requested back by clients who were impressed by his hard work. He was punctual, never missed a day… in other words, he had built a great reputation as a capable and reliable employee! I knew the client was going to love him!”

She continued, “When we told Vincent about the position, and that it was a temp-to-hire role, he was so appreciative, surprised and excited – to the point of emotion.”

And we are so happy to share that client thought Vinny would be a great fit for the role and thought he’d make a great addition to their company.

“During the initial interview, the client even mentioned training him for other departments because of his previous knowledge and skill set. They hired him on the spot – and at the highest pay rate for the position!” Stephanie exclaimed.

Vinny is happy in his new job.

He shared, “Before this job, I knew about repair. Now I understand the building aspect. I like that I know both sides to the story. Makes me feel like I have come full circle. And I also like knowing that the parts I work on directly impact the final product.”

We are so happy that we were able to help Vinny find full-time, regular employment!

If you’re like Vinny, and have never worked with a staffing agency before, he has the following advice:

“Be open-minded. Represent your company well. Make sure you know your limits, too. Don’t be afraid to say ‘I can do this. I can’t do that.’ Communicate with your recruiter.

So go to TERRA. Explain what you do well. Be open to learning another skill set. It helps you build character and you will also build a reputation for yourself.”

Vinny definitely built a name for himself with both TERRA and clients. His open-mindedness and strong work ethic, coupled with the fact that he proved to be an honest and reliable employee, made it easier to keep him steadily employed easier until we could find him the right fit.

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