Temporary Jobs Allow You to Shine – I Turned a Two-Week Project into a Career

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 9, 2017

Yudy Williams was establishing a great manufacturing career for herself in Mississippi. She’d spent 5 years working for a well-known automotive manufacturer doing quality control.

She loved the work, but she wanted something more for her life. She wanted to live in a place where she could feel young, experience things and really live her life. Mississippi, she felt, would be a great place to retire.

With crime rate on the rise in Mississippi, the decision to leave became an easy one. In 2015, Yudy made the decision to move her family to Washington State.

The first three months after the move were a struggle. She had some money saved, but living off a savings account is difficult – and money is easy to spend.

One day, she was doing a online job search for quality control jobs in Seattle and came across an an assembly lead position through TERRA Staffing Group’s Seattle office.

Not sure what to expect from a staffing firm, but knowing that she needed to work, she decided to give TERRA a try.

“I took a leap of faith,” Yudy shared.

She met with a recruiter on the Seattle team, and because of her skills and experience, was quickly hired for the lead role she was interested in, working for an aerospace company.

After 10 months in the role, however, she knew it wasn’t the right fit for her. She shared her thoughts with her recruiter and other TERRA locations stepped in to help Yudy find work.

We were able to keep her steadily employed while we worked to find a long-term opportunity that was right for her.

Through it all, Yudy remained open-minded and positive, and accepted various job opportunities that were presented to her.

“I never say no to money,” she explained.

So when Holly Williams, Everett Recruiter, had a two-week project that she thought would be a good fit for Yudy’s skills, Yudy didn’t hesitate and took the job.

“Not only did her skill set cross over to the role, I knew she had the kind of strong work ethic this company looks for. When I received the order from the client, she was the first person I called,” said Holly.

Yudy started the assignment. But she did such a great job that the two weeks turned into three months.

She shared, “The guy that was training me on carbon fiber said they had never had a temp last that long.” She paused. “It felt awesome to hear that.”

According to Holly, “The client thought that Yudy was so good at working with others. She sets the tone and direction for the day. They really appreciated her positive attitude and flexibility.”

The client knew that Yudy was an excellent addition to their team and hired her on as a full-time, regular employee!

And it gets better! Yudy saw there was an internal opening for a Quality Control position. She applied, interviewed and got the job! So now she is back to doing what she loved: quality control.

“This job was meant to be,” Yudy said. “Two weeks turned into three months and then I was converted! My employer saw my potential, appreciated my work ethic. I love what I am doing and that my job is in line with the previous work I was doing.”

What’s the secret to Yudy’s success?

She said, “I’m the kind of person who likes to develop skills, no matter what the job is. That’s why I would take even those so-called insignificant jobs. They helped me build my skills and helped me get where I am now.”

And for anyone who has recently moved and is struggling to find work or make ends meet, Yudy also had some advice:

“If you’re the new kid in town, look into the resources available to you. Find food banks to help you till you get on your feet. Dial 211 for support. Reach out to a staffing firm for help finding a job. And don’t turn down temporary jobs. They can help you get build your skills and help you get into the field you want.”

She added, “Staffing firms have a bad reputation, but I don’t know why. I never had any issues or problems. Everyone was quick to communicate and answer my questions. I would recommend TERRA anytime.”

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