Temporary Work Opened Many Doors For Me

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 20, 2017

Robert (L) and Recruiter Scott Mantz (R) pose for a photo. Robert shared that he was thankful for the Tacoma team’s help, but said this about Scott, “He took me under his wing and really didn’t give up on me.”

For most of his adult life, Robert Rios was what he calls a “job gypsy.” He worked random construction and manufacturing jobs and was content going wherever life led him.

Robert didn’t feel a need to have a job that forced him to settle down in one spot – until his family began to grow.

When he moved to Washington from California, he had twins on the way. He realized that he needed some stability. He turned to TERRA for help in finding work and our Tacoma team was able to help him find regular employment and a steady income.

After a four-year partnership with TERRA, Robert decided to return to California. And while we were sad to see him go, we were excited for him to write the next chapter of his success story.

But before he made the move, we wanted him to share his secret to success.

You see, every assignment Robert was sent out on, short-term or long-term, he created fans. Clients really loved him, and our Tacoma team loved working with him as well.

We needed to know: What made him so successful? How did he impress clients? What advice would he give individuals doing temporary work?

Robert was kind enough to share his story.

“When I moved to Washington, I had twins coming and needed something stable. I wanted to move into manufacturing and away from odd construction jobs. I worked with a staffing agency, but their jobs were only focused on today, not tomorrow. My choices were limited. Then I found TERRA.

TERRA was actually able, and willing, to help me find a job that could make me happy. One where I could learn and try different things. I did box assembly, moving, recycling, and even worked in the metal industry, which I was really interested in. And the work was satisfying…seeing the end products, the stuff I was making.

I was flexible and open to all jobs. It gave me the chance to learn new skills, new trades. And I could polish up my other skills, too. When I had the chance to learn, I took it. If I saw an opportunity to do more, I took it.

To someone doing temporary work, I’d say, be open to learning what you can. Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. That’s how I became a press operator. I offered to help the person who was press brake operator at the time. He taught me, since he saw I was interested in learning. Then, when he retired, I became the new press brake operator.

So never stop learning. And be open to trying new things.”

Clearly Robert saw every job as an opportunity to learn and grow professionally. He not only worked hard, but was invested in the job, and interested in taking on more. This opened up doors for him.

Now, he heads back to California with additional skills, experience in multiple industries, and great professional references. That, combined with his hunger to learn, is sure to lead him to more success.

If you’re like Robert and are eager to learn, want to hone your skill set, and are looking for an opportunity to show a prospective employer what you’ve got, we can help.

TERRA works with companies large and small, across a variety of industries and we can help open the door for you – so you can do the rest.

Getting started with us is easy. Just check out our current openings.

We have offices in the Seattle-Puget Sound, Portland-Metro, and Phoenix-Metro areas and our expert recruiters are waiting to speak with you!

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