TERRA Found Me an Employer Who Values Me and My Hard Work

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 12, 2016

Eric Lopez
We are so happy that you love your job, Eric! Thank you for letting TERRA play a part in your story!

Eric Lopez worked a variety of retail and customer service jobs for the majority of his career, but he didn’t love it.

So when he found himself looking for work, Eric really wanted to find a job that was a better fit.

His friend, Santana, recommended that he reach out to TERRA Staffing Group for help, and he did, despite never having worked with a staffing firm before.

He spoke to Everett Staffing Manager, Katie Jones, and Katie noted that Eric had a very responsive, eager and positive attitude.

Katie had a fairly entry-level, temporary-to-hire position that she thought would be a good fit for him. The client wanted someone who had a good attitude and desire to learn. Someone who was computer savvy and had great hand dexterity. Someone who played video games would be great, the client had told Katie.

Not only did Eric enjoy games, he was very tech savvy. Katie presented him to the client and the client brought him on board in a temp-to-hire capacity – and loved him!

Needless to say, Eric is now a full-time, regular employee.

The client was very excited about hiring him. “Eric caught on fast, did what he was told and paid attention to details.”

Katie said, “When the client asks for more people, he says, ‘Give me more people like Eric.’”

Eric shared this about his time working with TERRA, “I have no experience with other staffing firms, but in terms of what I expected from TERRA at the time, they went above and beyond…I’d especially like to thank Santana for putting all the gears in motion for me and Katie for introducing me to my current boss!”

He added, “I am not only happier here than I have ever been at other jobs, I have since gotten a pay raise and a few bonuses. To think I could ever work somewhere this great that actually values my presence and hard work… well, that never would have crossed my mind and I have only TERRA to thank!”

Thank you, Eric! We are so glad that we were able to help you find a job  you love and a workplace where you feel valued!

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