TERRA Found Me a Great Temp Job – and I Turned It Into a Career

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 14, 2017

Searching for a new job can be disheartening.Your resume seemingly disappears into a black hole and you’re left anxiously awaiting responses that rarely ever come.

You’re frustrated and, let’s face it, stressed. You need a job.

What do you need to do to get employers to notice you?

Stephanie Cullen had a similar struggle.

She was relocating from Utah to Washington and was trying to find a job before making the move. She applied to jobs and seldom heard back. Phone interviews went well but never resulted in anything because employers needed someone right away, and she wasn’t even in the same state! Her efforts to secure a job were unsuccessful.

But she didn’t get upset. She found a solution: she would immediately seek out a staffing agency when she arrived in Washington.

“I’d worked with a temp agency early on in my career and had success with them in the past. I knew that the best thing I could do to find a job was partner with one,” Stephanie said.

She knew that a staffing agency was well-connected and that they could help get her in front of potential employers.

Once she was settled in her new home, she began researching staffing agencies in her area.

“TERRA was the best reviewed agency, so I called and scheduled an interview with them,” she stated.

Stephanie met with Tacoma Recruiter, Betty Dawson, and told her about her eight years of accounting, accounts receivable, collections, and office administration experience.

Betty said, “Stephanie had great experience and skills that I felt would make her an excellent fit for one of my clients, who was looking for someone with accounts receivable experience for a temporary project.”

Even though Stephanie was looking for a long-term, full-time opportunity, she didn’t turn down the temporary opportunity when Betty presented it to her.

Stephanie explained why. “Temp or perm, everything is an opportunity. Whether the job is two weeks or three years, it’s a job that I can always use as a reference, so I give every job my all.”

And give it her all she did.

According to Betty, “Stephanie is a proactive problem-solver. She keeps the company’s goal at the forefront and gets the job done. And her skills spoke for themselves.”

To say that she impressed the client is an understatement.Because of her outstanding work and consistent performance, Stephanie was able to turn what was meant to be a temporary assignment in a direct placement opportunity! She hadn’t even been on the job for one month before the client decided that they needed her to be a regular part of their team!

The client shared, “Stephanie is versatile in her skills and really brings a lot to the team.”

Betty couldn’t help mention, “This was the first time this client ever turned a temporary position into a full-time, long-term one!”

Stephanie is happy in her new role. “The company is great and the people are great. Everyone gets along well. The accounts receivable and collections work is familiar… and I love seeing my hard work pay off. Since I’ve been here, I have seen A/R numbers go down – it’s great to see money coming in!”

She was thankful to Betty for placing her in the position and finding her the right fit.

Working with TERRA, Stephanie noted, was unlike her previous experience with an employment agency. “Honestly, this was the best communication I have ever had with an agency. They follow up with you periodically to check in and see how things are going.”

For job seekers feeling disillusioned with their job search, or who find themselves struggling, Stephanie had this advice, “I highly recommend a temp agency. There is a lot of competition right now and it’s hard to stand out. They can help you get in, and then you can use that as a chance to prove yourself.”

Stephanie’s hard work, professionalism, and team-oriented attitude really enhanced her value to her would-be temporary employer and allowed her to turn a short-term assignment into a career. We couldn’t be happier for her and wish her continued success.

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