TERRA Found Me the Right Fit at the Right Time

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 15, 2017

We are so glad we could help you find the right fit!

Giovanna Villavicencio was the victim of company-wide layoff that affected 60% of employees.

She decided to begin her job search by applying for jobs online.

While searching for jobs, a bilingual administrative opening through TERRA’s Tacoma office caught her eye.

She decided to submit her resume and was quickly contacted by Recruiter, Betty Dawson, who scheduled a time for them to meet in person.

Betty was impressed by Giovanna’s friendly and professional personality and thought she had some great experience under her belt. And she spoke Spanish, which made her ideal for this particular position.

And while Betty thought Giovanna would be a great fit for the administrative role, she was curious to learn more about her work history.

Betty said, “I was looking for a Spanish speaker, but then I saw that she had project management experience. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see if she had any import or export experience, too.”

She was glad she asked!

Betty continued, “Lo and behold, Giovanna had lived in Peru and had worked for a company there as an import and export specialist! And I was working on finding someone for an import/export role!”

Giovanna recalled, “I had a really great conversation with Betty. She asked me all the right questions. I told her about my customer service experience and then about my import and export experience. She told me she had a good opportunity for me.“

Not only was it a good opportunity, it was the right opportunity for Giovanna. The client offered her the import/export specialist role! She is now their full-time, regular employee!

“Betty called me to tell me I got the job,” said Giovanna. “When I went to the office, Betty was dancing because she was so happy for me!”

The client is also very happy. They love having Giovanna on their team. Betty shared, “They think she has an awesome personality. She is very sweet and eager to do good work. But they really love that she knows what she is talking about – and they love that she speaks Spanish, since she will be working with clients in Latin America.”

Betty added, “Giovanna is someone who really wants to make a difference for the company she is working for and she is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. I am very happy for her!”

Giovanna also had some kind words to share about Betty. “I want to say thank you to Betty for being on top of things and always asking how I felt. She was professional, but still got emotional after I got hired. She found me the right opportunity and helped me in my career.”

Would she recommend TERRA? “Yes, absolutely!” Giovanna exclaimed. “This was my first experience working with a staffing firm – and it was the best one!”

She added, “Everything happened at the right time.”

Thank you for letting us play a part in your success story, Giovanna. We wish you success in your new role!

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