TERRA Found Me Work That Fit Me – I Wouldn’t Have this Great Job Without Them

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 27, 2017

Jack (L) and a super-excited Lili (R) posing together for a photo.

Jack Oto was no stranger to TERRA.

He had turned to us for help with his job search in 2008 and continued to do so on and off since then, depending on his needs.

Jack returned to TERRA’s Tacoma branch in December of 2016, when he found himself looking for long-term work.

Liliana Zamudio met with him and discussed his experience and expectations.

He was looking for a job where he could apply his 4 plus years of warehouse experience. He was also looking for an opportunity that allowed him to work on a full-time basis.

And although Jack had job expectations, he was flexible and open to temporary work, too. This allowed the Tacoma team to keep him steadily employed, until they could find him the right fit.

“He really had a positive attitude and was always willing to try new assignments. You could call him for last-minute jobs, with little notice, and he would take them. And he was always open to coaching,” Lili said.

His great attitude and strong work ethic really made a great impression on a particular client. He was doing temporary assembly work for them and – after just one month on the job – they decided to keep him!

The client loves having Jack on the team. According to Lili, “They think Jack is a great role model. He takes the feedback given to him and implements the changes right away. He just keeps growing in his role.”

Lili shared more good news. “Not only was he hired on, they moved him into a forklift role – and they certified him!”

She added, “I could tell that Jack had a go-getter attitude when I met him. I could see the potential in him and I am so glad for him.”

Jack recalled when Lili told him the client was going to hire him as a full-time, regular employee.

“When Lili told me I got the job, she said, ‘You did it!’ I told her, “No. We did it. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. Yes, I put in the work, but I wouldn’t have found this job without you.”

Jack said, “I am happy. I love everything about my job. I gain lots of experience and am certified in forklift now.  They hired me and certified me on my first day!”

“TERRA found me work that fit me. They knew I didn’t want to work in a dirty environment and didn’t send me on those jobs. I always recommend TERRA and I won’t stop. I am thankful to everyone at TERRA.”

He added, “TERRA, if you need me, you can call me. I want to help you because you helped me.”

Thank you for the kind words, Jack! We are so thankful that we could play a part in your story!

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