TERRA Found Me the Perfect Job – My Family and I Can Now Fulfill Our Dream of Buying a House

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 27, 2017

Congratulations on your new job, Miguel!

Miguel Martinez was a husband and father who hoped to one day become a local home owner.

He was also an experienced painter, with more than 8 years under his belt.

When he found himself looking for work, an online search led him to TERRA’s Kirkland office.

Everett Branch Manager, Erin Nolan, who was at the time a Kirkland Recruiter, said, “Miguel had a wonderful personality and was very polite. In talking to him you could tell that he has worked very hard all his life. And he demonstrated a passion for painting. But his work continued to let him down as it tends to be seasonal.”

Little did Miguel realize that Erin actually had the perfect opportunity available for him.

“The Kirkland office occasionally gets requests for painters, but when he came in we had a job that was exactly what he was looking for – a graveyard shift, commercial painter! And it was contract-to-hire, not seasonal!” Erin exclaimed. “Honestly, finding someone for this job initially had felt like looking for a needle in a haystack.  We were looking for someone with just the right amount of experience, not too much or too little, AND a positive attitude. We’ve actually had trouble with this type of job in the past, but Miguel was literally exactly who we were looking for!”

Erin arranged an interview between Miguel and her client, and they brought him onboard.

Hiring him proved to be a great decision.

“The client loves that Miguel is an extremely hard worker with perfect attendance. They think the quality of his work is outstanding and he is always willing to go above and beyond. They are so happy to have him on their team. He really has continued to exceed their expectations over and over again!” Erin said happily.

Needless to say, the client decided to offer Miguel full-time, regular employment!

Here’s the best part: Now that Miguel is no longer doing seasonal work, he has better home-buying opportunities available to him. He and his family have officially begun house-hunting!

Erin said, “It’s so great knowing that Miguel has a wonderful and stable career and that he and his family can begin searching for the home of their dreams!”

Miguel couldn’t be happier. He had never worked with a staffing agency before. “It was a good experience. I am thankful to God. I would recommend TERRA to family and friends looking for work. “

He also wanted to thank Erin. “She always communicated with me and she helped me find exactly what I was looking for!”

Miguel, we  are so happy that we could help you and your family get started on finding your dream home. We wish you so much success in your new job!

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