TERRA Helped Me Find Exactly What I Needed, Wanted – and More!

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on February 17, 2017

We are so glad we could help you find the right fit, Astara!

Astara Briski was looking for a job that didn’t require her to sit behind a desk all day.

She wanted a job that offered movement. And, ideally, one that allowed her to let her many years of customer service experience shine.

While doing an online job search she came across a guest services position through TERRA’s Kirkland office.

She went in for an interview and met with Recruiting Coordinator, Kay Petersen, and Recruiter, Erin Nolan. Both Kay and Erin were immediately impressed with Astara.

Erin said, “She was very friendly and connected with us immediately. She has a great customer service background, but you can also tell she really enjoys that kind of work. She is the type of person who puts herself in the customer’s shoes and always tries to offer the best help possible. She has a warm laugh and makes conversation very easily. She loves multitasking and enjoys wearing many hats.” She smiled. “We knew she would be a great fit for the guest services role.”

But that’s not all!

Erin continued, “We felt so strongly about Astara, actually, that we asked her to cover our front desk while our office coordinator was out!”

Erin quickly arranged an interview between Astara and her client.

“They knew as soon as they met her that she was it,” Erin said. “Not only does she have this wonderful personality but she also takes great pride in the quality of her work. The goal of the role was to make the customers feel welcome, as well as answer their questions. She was the ideal candidate for this role!”

Needless to say, the client hired Astara right away. And both she and the client couldn’t be happier.

“This is a good company to work for. I love helping people and I get to work in the center of Bellevue Square Mall. I can meet all kinds of people. Plus, I can sit, stand and walk around. I love my job!”

Astara has worked with staffing agencies before, but she says her experience with TERRA was different. “I felt supported with TERRA. The staff was more enthusiastic, more professional, friendlier, and more open – the other agency I worked with was cold.”

She went on to add, “TERRA helped me find exactly what I needed, wanted – and more! I recommend TERRA to everyone.”

We are glad you love your job, Astara, and wish you continued success!

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