TERRA Helped Me Find a Great Job Fast!

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on October 27, 2016

Martin was also featured on TERRA’s Talent Showcase, which shines the spotlight on exceptional talent.

After being laid-off by his employer, Martin Pane found himself having to look for a new job. His goal was to find one that would allow him to use his extensive assembly and manufacturing experience.

An online search led him to TERRA, and after submitting his resume, he was contacted by Mandy Hudson, Beaverton Staffing Manager.

Mandy immediately took note of Martin’s manufacturing background and the fact that he had previous experience working in a clean room. But what really stood out to her was his enthusiasm and excitement for the work he does.

And she had a client who was looking for Clean Room Technician just like Martin.

Mandy arranged an interview between Martin and her client, and the client really liked Martin’s skills and experience. They thought he would be a great fit and offered him the job!

Martin loves his new role and both the familiarity and variety in his day. He shared, “I’m working in the same clean room every day, but there are like 3,500 different types of welding jobs.” He added, “It’s very challenging but what I love is that nobody wants to see you fail. Everyone is there to help in the clean room. It’s not a competition.”

We are so happy that Martin is enjoying his new job. And we are excited to say that Martin has been doing fantastic work. His new employer sees great potential in Martin and already has him doing some orbital welding – which is a difficult skill to learn!

Regarding his experience with TERRA, Martin said, “Other agencies send you out to work, but TERRA checks up on you and gets back to you ASAP. I would recommend TERRA to others – I just told a friend last night!”

He also wanted to thank Mandy. “She has been such a huge help.”

Martin, thank you for sharing your story with us and for letting us play a part in it!

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