TERRA Helped Me Find an Amazing Job In Just One Week!

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 5, 2017

Donna (L) and Recruiter, Amanda (R), pose for a photo during one of Amanda’s weekly client visits,.

Donna Bullock was unhappy with her job. Rather than grin and bear it, she decided that it was time to move on and search for something new.

She knew she had a great skill set. She had several years of experience in property management, office services, and custodial work. And she was great with people.

But Donna didn’t really care what her new role was. She simply wanted to move on to something different. She shared, “I just prayed to God to help me find something decent.”

Then an online job search led her to TERRA’s Tukwila office, where she met with Recruiter, Amanda Roberts. And Amanda was blown away by Donna.

Amanda shared, “Donna had this amazing, passionate energy about her that came with years of experience. You could tell she loves what she does. It’s conveyed in the way she talks about her work and the way she interacts with people.”

And it was Donna’s engaging personality and great energy that convinced Amanda that she would be a great fit for the Front Desk Receptionist position one of her clients was looking to fill.

She set up a meeting between Donna and the client. And the client loved her.

“Donna brought a different aura to the role, one that the client knew they needed. She also had all the right skills and experience to help shape their front office,” Amanda stated.

And we’re pleased to share that just one week after her meeting with Amanda, Donna found herself starting a new job!

Donna is extremely happy. The job is a great fit for her. Not only does she love her work, she loves the people she works with and the people she meets. Donna even told Amanda, “Do not promote me! I love my role and what I do. I will be with this company until I retire. They are an amazing group of people and they make me feel like family.”

She added, “I’ve never worked for a company where everyone is so willing to help each other.”

And she’s not the only one who is happy. The client is extremely pleased with Donna.

Donna really loved her experience working with Amanda. 🙂

The client told Amanda, “Donna is a keeper. I am so glad she is happy and that my ownership group is happy.”

Donna couldn’t be more satisfied with her experience working with TERRA. She said, “If other staffing firms are a 10, TERRA is a 100. There’s no comparison.”

She also wanted to give Amanda a special shout-out. “I love Amanda – she is my shining star! I could not be any more grateful. She’s so upbeat. She’s awesome. She’s definitely an asset to the company. And what’s cool is that I get to see her every Wednesday!”

Donna, thank you for letting us play a part in your story. We are so glad you’ve found your career “home.”

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