TERRA Helped Me Find More Than a Job – They Helped Me Find a Great Fit!

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on December 30, 2016

John, thank you for letting us play a part in your story! We wish you continued success in your career!

John Murray had a diverse skill set that included everything from custodial work to welding.

He was at a point in his career where he wanted to do something that was a little easier on his back, and didn’t leave him feeling sore. He wanted a job that didn’t involve working with harsh chemicals. And, ideally, a job that was closer to home.

John began searching for job opportunities online and came across a temp-to-hire welding opportunity through TERRA’s Beaverton office that sounded interesting.

He connected with Beaverton Recruiter, Mandy Hudson, who was handling the position.

Mandy was immediately impressed by John. “John had a great attitude. He was professional and friendly. He had great longevity in his previous roles and had great enthusiasm for working hard.”

And the more she learned about John’s experience and the more she saw of his personality, the more she knew that John was a great fit for her client.

She shared, “A key aspect for being able to work for my client is the ability to work overtime. John told me before I even asked him that he LOVES overtime! He also had a great attitude and was up for any challenge. His attention to detail and the skills that he had acquired in his previous cleaning/custodial work would also help him in the position.”

Mandy arranged an interview between John and the client. The client, like Mandy, was also impressed by John’s enthusiasm, professionalism and friendly personality.

They decided to hire him!

John is doing really well in the role. So well, in fact, that they even cross-trained him on orbital welding – a tough skill to learn!

John is really happy in his new role. The work environment is a good fit for him. He likes the group of people he works with. As for the work itself, he loves building and using his hands. He loves working with blueprints to see things all come together. And he loves having the opportunity to learn.

Regarding his experience with TERRA, he said, “TERRA, to me, is way more classy than other staffing services. It’s not just about sending people out to work, it’s about helping people find work that is a good fit. They wanted to know what I was looking for, what was important to me. It felt personal.” He added, “And unlike other staffing firms, I interviewed with Mandy and then with the client. It felt like applying for a real job. I recommend TERRA all the time.”

John had some nice things to say about Mandy and the Beaverton team as well. “Mandy answered all of my questions and always wanted me to check in with her. Bri was always really helpful in passing along messages. And Sheliya always called to check up on me. It was a real team effort.”

We are so happy that we we were able to help John find a job that he enjoys, a job where he can be successful.

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