TERRA Helped Me Try Jobs on for Size Until I Found the Right Fit

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on September 13, 2017

Leaving a job that’s comfortable, in search of something new and exciting, can be nerve-racking.

What if your new job isn’t better? What if you can’t find a new job at all?

But for Tommilyn Amos, an experienced administrative professional who had been working for a surgical laser company for the last seven years, moving on felt necessary.

She was ready to take her skills and apply them to a new industry – and had a clear idea of what she wanted moving forward.

“I was still looking for an administrative type of job, but I wanted to try new job experiences and then eventually settle down with one job,” she shared.

She knew that the best way to try a variety of jobs, and ultimately find the job that was right for her, was to work with a leading temp agency on the Eastside. It would also help her alleviate some of the stress of finding work, since she would no longer be on her own.

To kick off her job search, Tommi  began looking for staffing agencies near Kirkland and found TERRA Staffing Group.

“I researched local temp agencies and liked what I learned about TERRA Staffing Group,” she said.

She arranged an interview.

Thanks to Tommi’s flexibility and desire to try variety of jobs, in a variety of fields, TERRA’s team of Kirkland recruiters were able to place Tommi on numerous temporary job opportunities.

Kirkland Recruiter, Corey Malek, said, “I knew she was an A+ candidate when I met her. She had great skills and was open-minded and eager to learn about opportunities that could set her up for success.”

Because she had done great work on previous assignments and because of her administrative background, he thought that she would be a great fit for a part-time receptionist job opportunity he had available. Not only that, he thought she would be a perfect match for the client.

Corey shared, “Tommi’s extensive reception and administrative assistant experience was great. And her positive attitude and mild manner made her the perfect fit for this customer-facing role.”

He was right. Tommi has done a great job in this role and the client loves her.

“The client cannot say enough nice things about Tommi,” Corey said. “They love her ability to adapt and the way she’s integrated herself fully into the role in such a short amount of time. Her transition into this new work environment was a seamless one.”

For some people, partnering with a temp agency on their job search is a last resort, but reaching out to TERRA first proved to be the right move for Tommi.

TERRA was able to keep Tommi steadily employed and allowed her to try on several different opportunities, until she found a job that was a fit.

Tommi shared, “It is a great idea to start your search with a temp agency like TERRA. Try a few jobs out. It can help you find a job that is a really good fit for you!”

She added, “I would absolutely recommend TERRA and Corey Malek to individuals looking for work. He has always been so pleasant to talk to and is very helpful and informative. I like his positive attitude. He has really been amazing and helped place me in a role that is very suitable for me – with great coworkers.”

We are so glad that we were able to help Tommi find a job that makes her happy.

If you are looking for job opportunities in Kirkland, Redmond, Woodinville, or surrounding areas, we can help.

TERRA Staffing is a leading temp agency that works with companies large and small, across a variety of industries and we can help open the door for new career opportunities – so you can do the rest.

Getting started with us is easy. Just check out our current job openings.

We have offices in the Seattle-Puget SoundPortland-Metro, and Phoenix-Metro areas and our expert recruiters are waiting to speak with you!

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