TERRA Helped Me Find Work When Other Agencies Couldn’t – I’ve Even Been Promoted!

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 31, 2017

Congratulations on your promotion, Ismaila! We are so happy for you!

Ismaila Are was an architect in his home country of Nigeria. He helped design schools, churches and residential buildings.

But while he enjoyed what he did, and was great at what he did, he decided to leave it all behind.

Ismaila said, “It was important for me to travel, to see more of the world.”

He left Nigeria and lived in South Africa for some time, before ultimately deciding to move to the United States.

Finding a job was hard – despite his impressive resume and skill set.

He decided to try partnering with a staffing firm for help with his job search. But he didn’t have the best experience. He shared, “They had real attitude problems and they made it tough to feel appreciated.”

While doing an online job search, he came across a job opening through TERRA’s NE Portland office.

He came in and met with Staffing Specialist, Jennifer Bailey. Jen noted that he was flexible, open to a variety of jobs. He was eager to get to work and had great skills.

She was able to place him on some short-term assignments to get him working. And Melissa Braaten, NE Portland Recruiter, stepped in to help fill the gaps.

Together, they kept him steadily employed.

One of Melissa’s clients, a tour bus company, often hires people to do temporary work detailing the buses. Ismaila had worked there before and was requested back.

Typically these assignments are short-term. But the client really liked Ismaila. “He shows up on time and takes direction well,” they shared.

His consistency and strong work ethic impressed the client so much that they decided to turn his temporary assignment into full-time, regular employment by hiring him!

Ismaila is doing exceptionally well in the role. So well, in fact, that he was recently promoted!

We are so proud of his ability to climb the ranks from an entry-level role to a supervisor position in such a short amount of time!

Unlike his experience with other staffing agencies, TERRA was able to help Ismaila find an opportunity that allows him to use his skills and leverage his passion to succeed. “It’s been a very good experience,” he said.

We wish you continued success, Ismaila! Thank you for letting us play a part in your story.

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