TERRA Helped Me Transition My Skills into a New and Exciting Career

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on September 19, 2017

Sometimes the hardest part of a job search is getting started. Where do you even begin?

Amanda Owen found herself struggling with that very thing. The restaurant where she’d been working closed for renovation and she found herself in need of a new job.

“I knew I was looking for an office job in Seattle, but didn’t know where to start,” she shared.

She didn’t get overwhelmed though. She knew that a job search would be easier with a staffing agency by her side.

A Google search for top temp agencies in Seattle led her to TERRA. She researched the company website, liked what she saw and decided to give TERRA a try.

She reached out to TERRA’s Seattle office and arranged an interview.

Despite her desire for an office job, Amanda was open to other job opportunities. She knew her background was diverse – she’d taught English in Turkey, had done odd jobs in New York, and had several years of experience working in the restaurant/food industry. Landing an office job might be a bit of a challenge.

But she also knew that she had the skills necessary for administrative work. All she needed was a foot-in-the-door job opportunity to kick off a career.

Just one week after her initial TERRA interview, the Seattle team was able to place Amanda in a great temp-to-hire role, working for a legal service provider as part of their investigations team.

Amanda started as a research specialist and, just four months into the role, has already been promoted to private investigator! That’s right, she is now a licensed P.I.!

“I had no idea it would turn into this! I am so happy. And there is still more room to grow!” she exclaimed.

Amanda is finding her new job extremely satisfying.

“I love it. The work is engaging. It’s complicated and difficult enough to be interesting, but I never feel like I am suffocating.” She added, “I love the managers. They are supportive and fun. It’s a cool company to work for, they promote from within and there are so many great perks! They provide lunch, snacks, an espresso machine… “

“But what I love most is the flexible schedule!”

The client really appreciates Amanda as well.

Patty Stoddard, the recruiter who placed Amanda, shared, “They are really pleased with her desire to learn all the facets of the job. She asks a lot of good questions, takes good notes, and works hard to be proficient. They were eager to hire her on a full-time, regular basis!”

Amanda was no stranger to working with a staffing agency. She had worked with one previously, when needing to find employment in New York. When asked how her experience with TERRA compared to her previous experience, she disclosed, “‘TERRA was much faster at helping me get a solid, consistent job! I would recommend TERRA to anyone looking for employment – and have! I am very grateful to TERRA.”

She continued, “TERRA prepared me for success. They prepped me for my interview beforehand, which was really helpful, and a service not always provided by staffing firms.”

Looking to transition your skills into a new career can be challenging, but as Amanda demonstrated, it’s not impossible.

Her advice to job seekers, “Keep your options open and your expectations realistic, especially if you are looking for an entry-level role. Try to get your foot in the door and gain some experience. Then you will find opportunities to move up!”

Amanda took advantage of the employment opportunity presented to her by TERRA. Once she had her foot in the door of a great company, she showcased her talents, her desire to learn, and the value she could add to her employer. It not only resulted in a full-time job and promotion, it’s also proven to be the start of a very successful career!

Interested in kicking off a successful career of your own? We can help!

TERRA Staffing is a leading temp agency that works with companies large and small, across a variety of industries and we can help open the door for new career opportunities – so you can do the rest.

Getting started with us is easy. Just check out our current job openings.

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