TERRA Looked Beyond My Past and Helped Me Find a Brighter Future

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 6, 2017

Congratulations on your recent promotion, Samantha!

Someone’s past doesn’t have to limit their future.

Take Samantha Clark for example. She was having difficulty finding a job on her own.

“Due to my criminal background, I found it a lot harder to find employment,” Samantha openly told us.

One of Samantha’s friends recommended that she reach out to TERRA for help.

When she met with Kirkland Recruiting Coordinator, Corryn Reynolds, she told her all about her struggles.

“I am very open and honest about being a recovering addict,” Samantha said. “I strive each each day to be better than I was yesterday.”

The fact that she didn’t hide or shade the truth was helpful.

Corryn shared, “Samantha was very professional and I appreciated how honest she was about the challenges she’s had to overcome with her background. She just wanted to get her foot in the door somewhere and was open to a variety of opportunities.”

And Corryn had a client that was looking for recycling sorters. They wanted employees with a desire to work hard.

She thought this was the perfect opportunity for Samantha.

The client brought Samantha on-board on a temp-to-hire basis and loved her!

One of Samantha’s managers said, “Ms. Clark is one of those employees that make your job so much easier; she has great work ethic and a bright smile with a contagious laugh that improves everybody’s morale around her. Anytime I have needed Samantha’s help, she is there and ready to be a team player on any task that I delegate. She’s handled these assigned tasks professionally and efficiently; she has perfect attendance and is always-on time. She’s a model employee. In her time with us she has shown responsibility and great character, and we cannot wait to see her flourish and create a bright career with us.”

Needless to say they hired Samantha as a full-time, regular employee!

The story gets better. She was recently promoted to a lead role and received a bump in pay, too!

Corryn couldn’t be happier for Samantha. She shared, “Samantha went in there and proved to them that she was a great find.  Her attendance has been great. They would love to clone her. She always has a positive can attitude every time I’m out onsite doing interviews/orientations. She has led new hire tours of the plant many times for me!”

Samantha had this to say about her experience working with us: “TERRA was actually the first staffing company I’ve ever worked for. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but am really happy and satisfied with all their efforts and help finding me a career. Thank you, TERRA!”

She added, “I would especially like to thank Corryn for all she’s helped me with in my new career. I couldn’t have done this without you.”

“Before I started working through TERRA, I diligently looked for a job for months,” Samantha began. “As soon as I partnered with you, I got a job within days. I’ve honestly had the best experience working with TERRA.”

Samantha was ready for a second chance. She was honest about the struggles she’d faced, worked hard and has proven herself to be an incredible employee.

We are so glad we could help her write the next chapter of her story.

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