TERRA Went the Extra Mile to Help Me Find a Job That Offers Career Growth

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 27, 2017

We wish you continued success, Kacei!

Kacei Lidwell was looking for work.

And as luck would have it, while at church one day, she met Katie Jones, Everett Staffing Manager.

“When she heard of my circumstances, she offered that I come in to see what she and TERRA could do for me,” Kacei said.

But Kacei had her reservations.

She hadn’t had the best experiences with staffing firms in the past. “They were not personable, nor did they have my best interests in mind for a position,” Kacei shared.

Katie added, “She was looking for full-time, regular employment, and while she was ready to prove her commitment and reliability to a company, she wasn’t quite sure she could get the right opportunities through a staffing agency.”

Kacei decided to go in for an interview anyway, and wound up having a completely different experience at TERRA.  She felt that several people had her best interests in mind and found the team to be helpful.

“She left our office feeling like we could possibly be a resource to her,” Katie said.

And they were.

Katie had a position lined up for Kacei, when she received notice that another one of her clients was looking for someone to add to their team. Though she had been talking to Kacei about a different job, Katie realized that this new opportunity was more in tune with what Kacei was actually looking for. She asked Kacei if she would mind holding off on the opportunity they had been discussing and consider a new opportunity.

Katie shared, “When I told Kacei that this was an opportunity to get her foot in the door and show the employer what kind of person she was, because they promote from within and hard work does not go unnoticed, she was so excited. She said her goal was to earn a promotion right away!”

“The client initially worried that Kacei would struggle, being that she was only female on the shift,” Katie disclosed. “But Kacei worked equally as hard as those who have been in a similar role for years. Her can-do-attitude was noticed by all of those around her and is one of the main reasons she was put into the department she is in. While many people struggle, she willingly jumps in and the team appreciates having someone with such great work ethic on their team. She was a breath of fresh air for them!”

And we are beyond happy to share that since beginning this job, Kacei has been promoted TWICE and has received a significant bump in pay as well!

So not only did Kacei achieve her goal, she CRUSHED it!

Katie said, “She was so excited to get her own office when she was given her last promotion. And though she was skeptical of the entire staffing process, she told me she was so glad that she didn’t let her hesitation get in the way of what ended up being her future.”

And Kacie absolutely loves her new job. “I am part of a great team that stands with integrity to make sure quality products are sent out to the customer.”

We asked Kacei if she would recommend TERRA to family or friends looking for work. She said, “Absolutely! Anyone that I hear of or meet that is looking for a better job, or a job at all, I let them know about the quality staff and how they will go the extra mile to find them a suitable job.”

She had a special shout out for Katie as well. “She had me ready to start one job, but learned that there was not a good chance of pay raises or promotions. She asked if I would be willing to hold off a few days to start with a different company with more opportunity – but the work was physically much harder. She gave me a choice! I, of course, chose the harder job, and it was well worth it!”

Thank you for trusting us with your job search, Kacei. We are so glad we could play a part in your success story!

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