Thank You TERRA – My New Job Makes Me So Happy

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on September 13, 2016

We are so happy you are in a role you enjoy!

Dilkush Kendrix was born in Sri Lanka and raised in Europe. She worked for various foreign embassies overseas and even worked on a passenger ship in Greece.

Maybe she was influenced by her travels, or maybe it is just her nature, but Dilkush has a great love of people.

So when she found herself looking for work, it wasn’t the job itself that mattered to her, but whether the job allowed her to interact with customers.

“I love people!” Dilkush shared. “I don’t like to sit in one corner. I wouldn’t be happy if I had to sit in an office, away from being able to talk to other people.”

Her job search led her to TERRA’s NE Portland office and she met with Recruiting Coordinator, Jennifer Bailey.

Dilkush’s enthusiasm shone through in their conversation and Jen knew that Dilkush’s energy and vibrant personality would make her an amazing fit for a customer service job.

Jen worked to find her the right fit. When a three week temporary assignment at a bakery presented itself, Jen thought immediately of Dilkush.

Dilkush loved the job. Every day she was greeting customers and interacting with them. It was exactly what she wanted.

And she was exactly what the client had been looking for.

After just two weeks in the role, the client called saying that they wanted to hire Dilkush as a full-time, regular employee!

“We love Dilkush’s outgoing friendliness!” the client shared. “She says hi anytime anyone walks into the bakery. Dilkush is passionate about commitment and follow-through.”

When Jen shared the news that the client wanted to hire her, Dilkush was so happy she cried!

Though this was her first time working with a staffing agency, Dilkush came away loving the experience. She said, “I’ll recommend TERRA to anybody! If anyone asks me about finding work, I say, ‘Go to TERRA. Nothing will come to you on a silver plate, but TERRA will help you if you’re willing to work.’”

Dilkush went on to describe her positive experience, “TERRA representatives made it easy for me to communicate with them. When I had an issue, they handled it right away. They paid full attention to me whenever I needed help. I was extremely pleased!”

She also said, “I want to especially thank Jen for all she did for me and everyone else in the office because they were all so nice to me.”

We are so happy that we were able to help Dilkush find a role that she both loves and finds satisfying. And we are so thrilled that in this role she can let her passion for customer service shine.

We wish you much success, Dilkush!

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