Thank You TERRA for Finding Me a Great Job with Growth Opportunity

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 3, 2017

We wish you continued success, Ray!

Ray Hamilton was an experienced warehouse professional looking to get his foot in the door with a company that offered long-term growth opportunities.

He knew that a staffing agency was his best bet at being connected with job opportunities.

So at the start of 2016, he turned to TERRA’s Everett office for help with his job search. There, he met with Staffing Manager, Katie Jones.

Katie shared, “Ray was professional, respectful and eager to work. He also had extensive warehouse experience and was incredibly flexible.”

This allowed Katie to find Ray a variety of contract warehouse opportunities to keep him steadily employed until she found a good long-term position for him. But finding Ray the right fit was not as immediate as Katie would have liked.

“I always received positive feedback from clients about Ray. Unfortunately, these roles never turned into longer-term opportunities. And I really wanted to offer Ray a role where he could prove himself to an employer as he had proven himself to me. I knew he was reliable and did good work. I just needed the right job to come along for him,” said Katie.

And as luck would have it, a great opportunity did come along!

One of Katie’s clients was looking for someone with warehouse experience to work in their shipping and receiving department. And Katie immediately thought of Ray.

Not only was Ray perfect for the role, it was a temp-to-hire opportunity!

The client was really impressed with Ray, and Katie was not surprised at all. She shared, “They loved how hardworking Ray was. He was consistent, never missed a day of work and caught on quickly to their systems.”

Needless to say, the client brought Ray on as a full-time, regular employee!

Ray is very happy in his role. He shared, “I enjoy the organizational aspect of it. I like dealing with problems and figuring out the best ways to solve them.”

He also was thankful to Katie. “She helped me get a job that led me to better opportunities.”

Ray’s flexibility and his strong work ethic allowed us to help him earn a steady paycheck until we could find him a job that allowed him to utilize his skills, a job that offered him the long-term growth opportunities he was searching for.

We are so glad that Ray trusted us to help him with his job search and that we were able to help him find the right fit!

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