Thanks TERRA For Helping Me Find the Right Fit – I’ve Been Promoted Twice!

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on December 13, 2016

Desiree, we wish you continued success in your career!

Desiree Boss was an experienced caregiver and teen care assistant who was looking to take her skills and experience and apply them to a new field.

She turned to a staffing agency for help with her job search. And though they found her a job, it was a terrible fit.

Unhappy with that placement, Desiree decided to search for a new staffing firm to work with.

She said, “I typed ‘staffing agency near me’ and came across TERRA’s Everett office. I went in and met with someone. I basically said, ‘Here are my skills. Help me.’”

Her interviewer was really impressed by her customer service experience and her personable nature. She liked her so much, in fact, that she asked Desiree to do some temporary work for TERRA!

Desiree covered phones for the Everett office and even worked as a temporary Recruiting Coordinator.

Staffing Specialist, Santana Grayson, shared, “Getting to work with Desiree in person was great. But we realized that TERRA was not the best fit for her. We knew that Desiree would be most successful in a job where she could be active and have great variety.”

So Patty Stoddard, Branch Manager, set up an interview for Desiree with a client who was looking to fill an inventory and data entry position. The client thought she would be a good fit and brought her on board.

Desiree has been there for over a year now and is doing extremely well. She’s already been promoted – twice! First to a lead position and now to sales coordinator!

According to Santana, “The client has really appreciated Desiree’s eagerness and her willingness to learn. Even in tough situations, Desire is willing to take feedback and view it as a growth opportunity.”

Patty added, “And Desiree is not just a sales coordinator – she is THE sales coordinator for the company’s VP of sales!”

Desiree is really happy in her role and is more than pleased with her experience with TERRA. “I always vouch for TERRA. I can tell you personally that they are always trying to help people find the right fit.”

She also had kind words for Santana. “Santana always answered my questions. She checks in with me even now!”

We couldn’t be happier for Desiree, and we are thankful for the opportunity to play a part in her success story.

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