Thanks TERRA – I Have the Best Job Ever!

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 10, 2017

We are so glad we were able to help Javier find a job he is passionate about!

Javier Venegas has a passion for machines, and that shines through when he talks about his work.

It’s a passion that came from hard-earned, hands-on experience, and he has been doing it for roughly six years.

“I love working on machines and electrical engineering,” Javier stated. “I started out as a helper, not knowing much at first, but I learned how to read blueprints, build and assemble different pieces of machinery, and how to use a lot of different tools.”

Despite his skills, jobs were sometimes hard to find, so he often relied on staffing agencies to provide him with work opportunities.

It could be tough at times, mostly because of how he felt he was being treated by those agencies.

“Another employee, another number” was the impression he got, and it didn’t do much for his morale.

But he didn’t give up hope. He knew he had the skill set to bring value to a company. Eventually his job search would he lead him to TERRA’s Beaverton office.

He met with Staffing Specialist, Crystal Burnett, who thought Javier had great knowledge on mechanical fundamentals and tools. But it was his energy that really impressed her. “Javier was enthusiastic. He was passionate and excited about electrical work and mechanical assembly,” she shared.

Crystal recommended him to Recruiter, Mandy Hudson, who was looking for a mechanical assembler for one of her clients.

Mandy thought Javier would be great for the role. She scheduled an interview for him with her client – and they offered him the job!

The client liked Javier’s energy and excitement. They shared, “He is eager to learn and comes to work with that eagerness every day. He has proven his commitment to the job by being here every day and working the requested overtime without any complaints.”

Javier loves his job, even going so far as to call it, “the best job ever.”

When asked how TERRA compared to his experiences with other staffing firms, he shared, “It was a totally different experience.”

We’re so pleased that we were able to help Javier find a job where he can shine. A job that makes him happy and allows him to utilize his knowledge of machines.

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