Thanks TERRA – My New Job is Exactly What I Wanted

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 17, 2017

Thanks for letting us play a part in your story, Bill!

Bill Thomason became a graphic designer partly because he loved working with his hands.

But after 25 plus years in the industry, he wanted to do something different – that still allowed him the opportunity to create.

While doing an online job search, he came across an assembler position through TERRA’s Beaverton office.

An assembler role sounded perfect to Bill. “I didn’t want a management role. And I’ve had a career. I just wanted to build things,” he said.

Bill met with the Beaverton staff and made a great impression. He knew what he wanted at this point in his career and was clearly passionate about the role. He was able to explain why and how his graphic design experience aligned with the position, and already seemed to be super invested in the job.

His confidence inspired confidence in the team.

They introduced Bill to the client and took him on a tour of the facility, so that he could see what he would be doing. They wanted to be sure that it truly was the job he wanted.

And it was exactly what he was looking for. Even better, the client wanted Bill to join their team and offered him the job!

In the few, short months he has been there, Bill has impressed the client.

One of the Beaverton recruiters shared, “They think Bill is doing great and they love that he picks things up quickly!”

Bill couldn’t be happier with his job. He shared, “Things are going really well. I work with a nice group of people, and the work is not stressful. It’s a good match.”

He added, “I would recommend TERRA. They listened really hard to what I wanted. And everybody’s been very nice. If something ever changed, I would return to TERRA for help.”

We are so glad we could help you find the right fit, Bill, and we wish you success in your new role!

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