Thanks to TERRA I Now Have a Stable Job with a Great Company

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 27, 2017

Congratulations, DeMarco!

DeMarco Claytor had over 5 years of experience doing maintenance and janitorial work.

But he had primarily been doing part-time work and wanted to make a change. He wanted his next job to be a long-term, full-time opportunity.

A friend of his recommended that he reach out to TERRA, so he turned to the Tukwila branch for help with his job search.

Staffing Specialist, Tamika Williams, met with DeMarco.

He told her about his experience and what was he looking for, and shared that he ideally wanted a job that was physical and allowed him to be active.

Tamika told Amanda Roberts, Recruiter, about DeMarco, thinking he might be a good fit for one of Amanda’s positions.

Amanda really liked him, saying, “He was eager and looking for an opportunity to get his foot in the door. And he was extremely respectful.”

She presented him to her client, who hired him to work in the facilities department.

She continued, “DeMarco was ready to just dive right in. He didn’t care what the job was. He was simply determined to prove that he could do AMAZING work. Sure enough, he did. He wowed the client with his can-do attitude and the way he demonstrated care for the job.”

There was a point in the year when her client went through a series of layoffs. But because of DeMarco’s commitment and willingness to work hard, and the way he demonstrated what he was capable of, he was actually promoted and moved to a different department!

The client shared, “He is eager. He jumps right in and helps anywhere. He takes feedback well and truly wants to do better and become better at his job.”

DeMarco is very happy in his role. He shared, “I love the fact that I get to move around a lot at work. I walk about 10 miles a day! And it lets me see and meet everyone.”

“I would for sure recommend TERRA to people looking for work,” he said.

He wanted to give special thanks to Amanda. “She was active with me and always talked to me, even after I was hired on by the client. She still comes down and says hi to me.”

DeMarco holds a special place in Amanda’s heart.  “He was the first candidate I placed at this client. But more than that, DeMarco is a great person and I am so happy for him! He really proved himself and I am so proud of him. He truly deserved it. His hard work was recognized. He made a name for himself. And now he has a stable job with a great company!”

Thank you, DeMarco, for letting us play a part in your story! We wish you continued success in your role.

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