What to Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on June 9, 2023

Man sitting in front of laptopIt’s easy to be swayed by pay and impressive job titles when accepting a job offer. But there’s more to think about that can impact your life, job satisfaction and your overall well-being.

So before you make a decision, pause to really look at the opportunity. 

Here are 5 things to consider before saying ‘yes’ to a job offer:

Growth opportunities.

Having the chance to learn, build your skill set and move up in the company could positively impact your career trajectory—and what you can earn in the future. Think about the opportunities this job can bring you, and whether it can help you reach where you want to go.  

Work-life balance.

Free time outside of work, or lack thereof can directly correlate to your mental health and quality of life. Look at how many hours per week you’ll be working, whether weekend work may be needed or if there is any aspect of the job that requires you to be on-call. Will this fit into your life?


The time it takes getting to and from work every day plays a part in job satisfaction—and job performance. If something happens and you aren’t able to get to work the way you were planning, is there another way to get there? Consider whether the commute is doable and something you feel comfortable committing to.

Company culture.

Joining a company that aligns with your values can give your work a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. When you can bring your full self to work, you’ll feel good about the work you do and be motivated to grow with the employer.

What your gut says.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to trust your gut. If you’re unsure about a job, you owe it to your future self to ask “why” and uncover the reason.

Pay is an important factor but not the only one to consider. Taking into account all the above will help you find a job that is the right fit for you—and your life.

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