“I Want to Work for Them!” Reputation Management Tips to Attract Top Talent – Part 2

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on October 24, 2014

When most companies think about online reputation management, their first concern is preventing negative comments from rising to the top of a Google search. When you manage your organization’s reputation proactively, however, you do more than eliminate the negative: you also create a positive “brand” that draws top talent to your organization. A strong online reputation can turn a “maybe I’ll apply” into a “when do I start?”

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed reasons to focus on reputation management. In Part 2, we’ll talk about how to build the kind of solid reputation that draws top candidates to your company’s doors.

Here are three ways to turn your company’s online brand into a candidate magnet:

  1. Be Consistent. A clear, consistent brand is compelling. It tells top candidates what your company’s culture, mission, and goals are about. And it helps top candidates decide whether your organization is one that will be a good “fit” for them, creating a stronger candidate pool for your company.
    To maintain consistency, focus on sending the same basic message throughout your company’s Web site and social media channels. The format of the message can (and should!) change depending on the channel – Facebook is great for sharing links, for instance, while YouTube is the go-to site for video – but the message should stay the same.
  2. Reach Out. Social media is engaging by nature. While sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer your company an unprecedented tool for sending a clear message and establishing your preferred online reputation, they also give you the chance to contact promising talent in a personalized way.
    As you build your company’s online reputation and presence through social media messaging, use these sites’ tools to connect with top talent in your field. Send invitations to join your company’s LinkedIn groups or “friend” promising candidates on Facebook or Twitter. You’ll develop an inside “connection” that will make these candidates more likely to reach out when they’re looking for a career change – and make it easier to contact them when your organization has a promising job opening.
  3. Become an Information Leader. One great way to attract top talent engaged in your industry or field is to become a source of the information these experts need. Start a company blog that shares and collects information, updates, and news stories related to your field. By giving your own employees the chance to contribute, your company can easily diversify its blog’s offerings to talent in your field while also demonstrating a cohesive team approach to the field’s biggest challenges.

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