Five Ways to Nail Your Interview Before the Interview Begins

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on March 7, 2019

Photo of smiling woman holding blue folder.The clock is ticking and your palms are sweaty.

You’re nervously waiting for the hiring manager for your job interview to start.

But what you don’t realize is that it’s already begun.

The interview doesn’t start when you shake hands with your potential employer.

It begins way before that.

And these contributing factors will help determine whether you do, or don’t, get the job.

Here are five ways to nail your interview before the interview begins:

Your Resume.

The minute you send out your resume, you’re being evaluated. Though the hiring manager hasn’t physically met you yet, everything they need to know is right in front of them. Take the time to craft and proofread your resume. Make sure it’s free from grammatical errors and easy to read. If you take the time to develop a stellar resume, employers will notice the effort you put it. It will give them a good idea of your work ethic initially and hopefully leads to an in-person interview.

Social Media Presence.

Many employers are using social media as a screening tool for their potential candidates. Be mindful of what you’re putting out there for the world to see. Avoid controversial subjects, provocative photos or anything else that borders offensive. And when in doubt, don’t post it. The content you create is developing your brand, both personally and professionally.

Answering the Phone.

When applying for positions, you will probably receive phone calls from the companies you’re contacting. And they’ll most likely be calling from a number you don’t know. You want to make sure you’re answering the phone as professionally as possible. Though this may only be an initial screening, they’re evaluating if you’re a good fit for their company. Every word you say has an impact.

Voicemail greeting.

If you’re sending out resumes, it’s pretty likely you will be contacted regarding work. This is the first time a potential employer will hear your voice and ultimately start developing their impression of you. It’s important to ask yourself, “what does my voicemail say about me?” You want to make sure that in this interaction you’re giving an accurate impression of who you are. When in doubt, you can play it safe by using the default automated voicemail message greeting to keep it professional.

Lobby Etiquette.

Every person you come in contact with at the company you’re interviewing is evaluating you. While a receptionist may not have the hiring power, you can be sure their opinion is being shared with the team. It’s important to be friendly, smile and engage. After all, these may potentially be your new coworkers.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count!

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