Do You Make these Simple Mistakes When Managing?

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on February 13, 2015

As a manager, your job pulls you in so many different directions that it can be easy to forget the basics of good management practice. Examine your own management style to see if you make any of these common mistakes.

Failing To Provide Regular Feedback

Don’t wait for yearly reviews to let your people know how they are doing. No one should ever be surprised by what they hear at their review. Whether your employees need course correction, encouragement or praise, take time throughout the year to thank them, coach them or tell them how they can improve. Letting problems fester, or accomplishments go unacknowledged can lead your team down the wrong path.

Not Spending Enough Hands-On Time with Your Team

Don’t get so bogged down in administrative tasks and meetings that you are not taking enough one-on-one time with your people. You need to know what motivates them, what they find difficult, and where they want their careers to go. Get to know each employee as an individual.

Not Maintaining Professional Distance

As important as it is to get to know your employees, it is also critical not to get excessively friendly. Certainly give career advice and guidance, but getting close to an employee or socializing with them can cause problems down the line. It can make it difficult to discipline them or you can be perceived as favoring them, causing resentment among the other employees.

Not Providing Clear Objectives

Your team needs to know what is expected of them. Give them measurable, attainable goals and regularly assess their progress.

Not Leading By Example

You can’t expect your staff to give their best if they don’t see you doing the same. Let them see you arriving early, staying late, and treating people of all ranks with respect.

Not Recruiting Effectively

Effective management begins with hiring. Recruit the right people and you’ll have a better chance of retaining and getting the most from them in the long run.

Not Delegating

When you insist on doing everything yourself, you harm yourself, your employees and the company. No one can do everything – something is going to suffer. And your people will never have the opportunity to take on new challenges and develop their skills.

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