Mastering a Leadership Style Isn’t an Accident – It’s a Skill

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 27, 2015

You didn’t build your business accidentally. You planned, you researched, and you took action. So when it comes to managing the people who make that business possible, why would you let your own leadership style develop accidentally?

Leadership is a skill, and leaders who work to develop it find more effective ways to motivate their teams. In turn, they see increased productivity, better morale, more effective recruiting, and more solid retention.

Whether your personal leadership style is a standout “take-charge” approach or a quieter “lead from within” strategy, here are tips and tools for developing it for the benefit of your staff, business, and career:

Take charge of your leadership style.

If you’ve built a successful business, you’ve gained valuable practice at being a leader. But have you looked at what kind of leader you are – and what it means for your team?

Spend some time examining your own leadership style and strengths, and embrace them. Every day for a week, list three things that worked well about your leadership style, and put them to proactive use.

Start working on your weaknesses.

Working on your weaknesses as a leader makes you stronger. It also demonstrates to your staff that you encourage honest evaluation of professional weaknesses and that you support efforts to improve them. This, in turn, will motivate staff to stretch their own abilities.

Figure out which leadership skills and styles come less naturally to you. Then, identify other members of your team who do well in this area. Who complements your style, and how can you work together more effectively?

Ask for help.

While pinpointing your own strengths or weaknesses, don’t hesitate to ask staff for their input. For instance, ask them to list your top five strongest attributes as a leader, or to answer the question “If I could improve one thing about my boss’s leadership, it would be ____.”

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out past the walls of your own business. Professional colleagues in your network, mentors, and even your staffing firm can all provide valuable advice on how to build your leadership skills.

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