4 Strategies to Reinvent Your Management Style

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on July 20, 2018

strategyPart of being a good manager is knowing when it’s time to employ new management strategies for running your team and business effectively. Here we’ll explore four refreshing ways to reconnect with employees and tackle administrative tasks to free up your time and make it easier to inspire your team.

Find out what your management style is missing.

Every manager has some “leadership gaps,” or places where their weaknesses affect their teams. To learn more about yours, ask your colleagues or mentor about their concerns. Take note of what they say and use the feedback to work on specific weaknesses or find new ways to employ specific strengths.

As you make changes, watch the responses of your team and fellow managers. Ultimately, a “good” leader can only be evaluated by the people that person leads.

Manage your reputation.

Step away from the data. Your Klout score or Alexa rank doesn’t determine your reputation; the responses of others to your presence and participation in their professional lives does.

To manage your management reputation, find out what others expect of you, and make sure you’re delivering on those expectations – consistently, completely and as promised. Improving the lines of communication between yourself and your team is one way to ensure you have the information you need to know where you stand.

Find your management role models.

Who do you want to be? Which leaders do you admire, and why? What does your ideal approach to your work look like, and is it attainable with the skills and methods that fall within your strengths?

Managers who know which ideals they’re trying to emulate are typically more self-aware and willing to make changes as needed. They’re also more likely to understand their own day-to-day processes, including what works and what doesn’t.

Are you the right fit?

Managers can only improve so much when they’re in a workplace environment that requires them to limit or change who they are in order to lead. Playing a role rather than leading authentically also wears down on your energy reserves, and it can lead to burnout.

Take a close look at how you’re feeling on the job. If being the person your team needs requires you to be someone you’re not, talk to a recruiter about ways to find a better fit for your management style.

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