TERRA Saw Beyond My Past and Helped Me Unlock My Potential

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on February 18, 2020

Photo of Jonathan Conway Success Story

A year ago, Jonathan Conway made some decisions that took him out of the workforce for eight months.

Because of this, he thought he would have limited success finding employment – even though he had experience with basic maintenance, and was skilled at using tools and troubleshooting.

But getting back to work was not optional. He needed a job so that he could provide and care for his son.

Determined, he reached out to TERRA’s Scottsdale office for help with his job search.

“I thought they might be able to at least find me some temporary warehouse work,” he said. “But I was open to anything.”

Though he hoped for a positive outcome, he wasn’t expecting much.

“I didn’t think they’d give me the time of day, to be honest,” Jonathan shared. “I didn’t think they would be able to look beyond my past.”

However, the fear that his criminal background might be a roadblock didn’t prevent him from being open and direct with the Scottsdale team.

They appreciated his honesty. Many times people don’t disclose important pieces of information, or they lie, because they think it will hurt their chances of finding employment. They don’t realize that it’s the lack of open communication that actually creates a problem.

The interview went well. Jonathan was told he’d receive a call back regarding an opportunity. He just didn’t realize how soon it would happen.

“I was on my way home from the interview when I got a call from TERRA asking me to return to discuss a position,” he said.

Jonathan headed back and spoke with Recruiter Katie Netzer about a maintenance technician role.

Though he was excited about the job, he had some hesitations.

“I was honestly a little nervous,” he admitted. “I knew nothing about the machinery I’d be working with. But Katie encouraged me to give it a chance. She told me that I had the right experience and would be taught what I didn’t know.”

He decided to take Katie’s advice.

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I love that I’m able to do a lot of different things every day. And I also love that I am able to learn. It’s more than just a 9 to 5 job. They’ve trusted me with a lot of different responsibilities. This is a great opportunity for me to grow my career,” Jonathan said.

Because of this new opportunity, good things are happening. “My family is proud of me. I am able to take care of my son. I’m more independent and more confident. Thanks to TERRA I am in the best financial situation I’ve ever been in.”

To anyone out there having a hard time finding the right fit or struggling to rejoin the workforce, Jonathan has this advice:

“Stay positive. Don’t close the door on an opportunity just because you may not know how to do certain things. If you remain teachable, there are a lot of opportunities out there.”

He added, “Had I simply heard about the job on my own, I would never have applied to it. But TERRA saw the kind of experience I had, put two and two together and nailed it. I love going to work every day.”

If you are thinking about partnering with a staffing firm, Jonathan recommends TERRA: “I think they can help anybody as long as they are willing to take advice, follow the process and keep an open mind.”

Congratulations, Jonathan! Thank you for trusting us with your job search. We wish you continued success as you continue to write your story!

How TERRA Can Help You

Everyone deserves a second chance. If you are looking for new employment opportunities, consider teaming up with TERRA.

We work with various companies across multiple industries and can connect you to many employers currently hiring in your area.

We have offices in the Seattle-Puget SoundPortland-Metro, and Phoenix-Metro areas. Our expert recruiting team is waiting to speak with you!

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