Check Out This Easy (and Often Overlooked) Tool for Building Company Culture

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 20, 2014

Blogging has taken off as a way for companies to differentiate themselves, establish a solid online presence, and communicate with clients, customers, and job candidates.  While a blog can establish your brand and help your company dominate key Internet search rankings, maximizing your blog’s capabilities means doing more than merely creating and updating the page.

One of your blog’s most powerful uses is as a tool to create, embrace, and develop your corporate culture.  Having a strong corporate culture gives your company an advantage by uniting employees in pursuit of common goals and creating a “brand” that attracts like-minded top candidates when you have hiring to do.  It also makes a clear impression on customers, clients, and competitors: your company is a force to be reckoned with.

How can you leverage your blog to revitalize your company’s culture?  Consider the following tips:

  • Get everyone involved.  Ask people at all levels of management, as well as your front-line employees, to contribute content to the blog.  Presenting a range of voices demonstrates that your company embraces the contributions and talents of its employees: that you are a united team fighting for a common goal.
  • Diversify your topics.  Once you have a range of voices willing to write for the blog, ask them for ideas.  Discuss company initiatives, explore industry trends, or take the time to discuss specific customer or client problems and how your company addresses them.  The range of perspectives offered by your writing employees will add richness and depth to the content of the blog, making it a more attractive read.
  • Recognize achievement.  Once in a while, focus the blog inward by recognizing an achievement by one or more of your employees.  Recognize not only “external” achievements, like breaking records or receiving awards, but also “internal” accomplishments like finishing a major project on time or successfully reorganizing a department or process.  Recognizing both external and internal achievements demonstrates that yours is a company that cares about, cultivates, and rewards talented employees.

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