Best Practices for Your Summer Dress Code Policy

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on July 7, 2018

dress code Summer weather encourages us all to “dress down” to enjoy a relaxed pace or beat the heat. Yet dressing down too far can have a negative impact on your organization’s focus, morale and interactions with customers. Here are some best practices for creating a summer dress code policy:

Set a standard.

To create a more relaxed summer dress code, start by deciding how “relaxed” you’re willing to let the dress code be. For instance, if your standard dress code requires shirts with collars or forbids jeans, are you willing to allow T-shirts and denim for the summer? What about shorts or sandals? Should the regular dress code apply to certain activities, like meeting with clients, even if the more casual dress code is in play otherwise?

Describe the dress code in clear but general terms.

Deciding which items of clothing are acceptable for summer work wear can waste your time and make your staff feel like their wardrobes are being micromanaged. Instead, look for broad yet clear ways to set the same standards. For example, instead of specifying “no shorts, culottes or miniskirts,” consider stating that clothing “must cover the legs.”

Another way to do this is to consider why certain types of clothing are necessary on the job. For instance, if sandals are a safety hazard because they don’t provide adequate foot protection for your work sites, state that “shoes must cover the entire foot in order to protect workers.”

Be proactive.

Address workers’ concerns, and any violations of the new code, promptly and discreetly. Setting a dress code only to ignore it, or enforce it haphazardly, communicates to employees that either the dress code doesn’t matter, or it only applies arbitrarily – both of which can reduce motivation and engagement. Instead, take the time to think carefully through the new rules, communicate them clearly, and then enforce them consistently.

Strengthen your team.

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