How Do you Turn a Temp Job into Your Dream Job? Learn from Christine Byrnes!

By Jenifer Lambert

Posted on October 22, 2012

Success Story-Christine Byrnes

By Tabitha Delaire

People often ask us how they can improve their chances of being placed quickly by TERRA. They say “timing is everything” and while timing definitely plays a role, it’s not everything.  There are definitely things you can do to increase your odds of getting to work quickly.

Christine Byrnes (front & center) is all smiles in her new job! To her left, Julie Lehmkuhl (Office Manager, State Farm). To her right, Carrie Kuhel (Agent, State Farm) and Tabitha Delaire (Recruiter, TERRA).

Christine Byrnes is a great example of how you can “help us help you” in creating a success story. I placed Christine in a temp-to-hire Administrative/Sales Coordinator role recently. There are some specific things that Christine did in the interview and placement process that made it easier for us to help her land her great new job.

Be clear about your background. Christine was able to articulate all the different roles and responsibilities she had in previous positions. Understanding exactly what she had done in the past, helped me match her to a job where she was sure to succeed.

Tell us where you think you will thrive. Christine was very clear about what kind of environment she felt she would be best suited for. She was able to describe her ideal job in a way that was realistic and clear.

Show us what makes you special. If you have special skill, training, awards or other accomplishments that will help you stand out from other candidates, let us know. Christine is bi-lingual which is a definite plus. Furthermore, she has outstanding references. She made it easy for us to connect with her past employers who raved about her.

Be as flexible as you can. The more hard and fast your criteria is for a job, the more that limits the jobs we can refer you to. Christine was flexible both in her pay expectations and her schedule as long as the position was a good opportunity. She started out working 25 hours a week on a 90 day temp-to-hire assignment. The company hired her on before the 90 days was up and offered her a full-time role.

Christine told us she loved her experience working with TERRA. “You actually understood what was important to me, what I could bring to a company and found a place that I fit in and could really utilize my skill set.”

Thank you, Christine, for helping us help you!!

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