9 Tips to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on February 25, 2021

Defeated man resting head on laptop.Looking for a job can be both exhilarating and terrifying. It often feels like there are hundreds of things one should do and it can be easy to feel discouraged. 

So how do you stay motivated when you don’t get immediate results in your job search? 

Here are 9 tips to help you stay positive when you are struggling with your job search: 

  1. Take some time to establish your goals.
  2. Make yourself a clear plan with easily achievable tasks.
  3. Don’t expect to hear back from everyone.
  4. Don’t get discouraged by rejection.
  5. Reach out to people for informational interviews.
  6. Celebrate the wins.
  7. Keep applying!
  8. Pace yourself.
  9. Reach out to a staffing agency.

Keep reading to learn ways to stay positive while looking for a job. 

9 Tips for Staying Motivated While Searching for a Job

Take some time to establish your goals.

Sometimes people get so desperate to find a job right away that they don’t take the time to really think about what they want. But if you rush into things without a clear goal, you’re less likely to get a job that’s a good fit. This is your time to visualize your perfect job.

Take a moment to sit down and think about what you truly want out of a job. 

  • What type of role would allow you to best utilize your skills?
  • What kind of company culture are you looking for? 
  • How much of a commute are willing to do?
  • Would you be willing to relocate? 
  • Do you want to work remotely or in person? 
  • What is your dream job/dream company? Would you be willing to take an entry-level position with them? 

Answering these questions will give you clear direction and focus for your job search. 

Make a plan with easily achievable tasks.

You’ve visualized your perfect job and can already see yourself there. Now’s your time to plan how you’re going to get the position you want.

Think of all the steps you need to apply to jobs in your field, or your desired field and then break them down into simple, achievable tasks.

Start with the following questions:

  • Do you need to update your resume? 
  • Should you write a cover letter for every job you apply to? 
  • What skills do you need to develop (if any) to be an ideal candidate for the type of work you’re interested in? 
  • Is there training available to you that might help you get an edge? 
  • Is there anyone you know who could connect you to your ideal job or industry?

This will help you put together a list of things you need to. And seeing everything broken down will help you stay motivated and focused and will help you avoid getting overwhelmed.

Don’t expect to hear back from everyone.

Chances are you will apply to quite a few jobs before you land your perfect fit. Some of them will keep you updated on their hiring process and some of them won’t.

While it would be nice to get a courtesy message. It just doesn’t always happen.

Employers trying to fill a position are often really busy and they don’t always have the time or capacity to respond to everyone who applies to one of their job openings.

Try not to take it personally. It doesn’t detract from your skills and what you bring to the table.

Don’t get discouraged by rejection.

Rejection, though never fun, happens when you are applying to jobs. 

If you get rejected, just remember that it’s part of the game. Try not to get discouraged.

There are many reasons a company might decide to go another way. Maybe they decided to hire a candidate with a different skill set. Perhaps the position changed. Or perhaps they’ve decided not to hire after all. There are a lot of factors that can influence why you weren’t chosen for a job.

And if an employer gives you a reason for their rejection, take note of it. Maybe you didn’t cater your resume for the job. Maybe the job required skills you don’t yet have. Whatever it is, take that feedback and apply it to future applications. 

Reach out to people for informational interviews.

Informational interviews are casual conversations between you and someone who works in the field you are trying to enter. They are a great way to learn more about your industry of choice without the stress of a regular job interview. 

Think of your friends, family, even acquaintances. Chances are you know people in your chosen industry.

Talking to people who have experience in your desired field can really give you an edge in your job search. They will share insider tips that wouldn’t be accessible to you otherwise. Make sure to reach out to those people, and listen to their advice.

Pace yourself.

Remember, looking for work is a process, and an important part of that process is taking breaks. If you burn yourself out, you won’t be any help to yourself. 

As a matter of fact, taking breaks can give you perspective. You might come up with an avenue that you hadn’t thought off before. Or remember someone you know that you might be able to talk to. 

Taking a break now and then also gives the job market some time to refresh before you get back to it. New jobs are posted regularly and it can be good for you to wait between bouts of applying and see what new jobs are out there. 

Even so, don’t let your breaks become permanent. Breaks are great. Procrastination isn’t. 

Celebrate the wins.

Even if you don’t get a job right away, that doesn’t mean good things aren’t happening. And it doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard to reach your goals. Every step you take in your job search is getting you one step closer to your dream job. 

So pay attention to the progress you make. If you’ve updated your resume or written a cover letter, those are wins. If you reached out to someone for an informational interview, applied to one job, or even figured out what your goals are, those are all achievements to be proud of. 

Each task you complete brings you closer to your goal and deserves to be celebrated. If you view each completed task as a move in the right direction, you will be much more motivated and probably much more proactive.

Keep applying!

Rome wasn’t built in one day. It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re not getting the results you want.

But don’t lose heart and don’t give up. Every time you apply to a job, you get closer to your goal. 

Don’t lose faith if you don’t immediately get a job. Keep applying.

New positions open up every single day. You never know, one of these positions could be your perfect fit. And the only way to get it is to apply for it!

Reach out to a staffing agency.

A lot of people look for a job on their own. But why not take advantage of all the resources available to you? Staffing agencies can be really valuable in your job search. 

Staffing firms partner with companies across many industries such as manufacturing, warehouse distribution, administrative, customer service, and more. They have connections with employers and will know exactly what jobs are open to you. They will also help you prepare and advocate on your behalf. 

If you’re still not sure whether you want to use a staffing agency, here are 5 reasons to work with one. And in case you decide you do want to work with a staffing partner, but aren’t sure where to start, read this article on how to choose a staffing agency.

Keeping these nine tips in mind will help you stay motivated. And remember, it’s ok if there are days where you don’t feel positive. Just don’t let it stop you from moving forward. 

Breath, take a break, and know that you’ve got this. You will end up finding a job that is just right for you!

How TERRA Can Help

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