How to Increase Your Odds of Turning a Temp Assignment into a Career

By Jenifer Lambert

Posted on April 24, 2018

a temporary employee whose hand has the word hired written on it.People are often hesitant to accept a temp assignment. They think there is no future, or value, in temp work.

But that’s just not true.

Every temp assignment is an opportunity to gain skills and experience, and a great way to network and earn positive references.

And here’s what people fail to realize: a temporary job could be your ticket to a full-time job – if you play your cards right.

Why employers like temps.

Many employers prefer to hire individuals who have worked with their company in a temporary role.

Think about it.

A temp worker has had the chance to learn about the company, how things work and what’s expected of them. And the employer has had the chance to get a firsthand look at their skills, work ethic and what they have to offer the company.

Honestly, a temp job is almost like a working-interview.

Turn your temp assignment into more by following the “Three Be’s.”

  1. Be positive.

    Just as a bad attitude can get you terminated, a positive attitude can go a long way in ensuring job success. People enjoy being around someone who doesn’t spend their time complaining and being negative. Attitudes are contagious, and a good attitude can positively influence everyone you come in contact with. It makes you likable!

  2. Be respectful.

    If there is respect in the workplace, there is success in the workplace. Showing common courtesy and being mindful of other’s work, time, and opinions helps create an environment of camaraderie. This ultimately improves quality of work. So be sure to always be courteous to everyone. Stay away from controversial topics that could offend or alienate others. You want people to speak highly of you!

  3. Be professional.

    It is extremely important to behave professionally in an interview and in the workplace. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be friendly and enjoy the time you spend with coworkers or employers; you just need to remember that the workplace is just that – a place of work. Focus on being punctual, productive and polite. It not only sets the standard for work in the office, it also enhances your value as an employee and member of the team..

At the end of the day, show your coworkers and employer your best self. You will find that it will open many doors for you.

It may sound cliché but your success really does begin with you. Follow these tips on your next temp assignment and reap the rewards.

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