5 Reasons to Start a Manufacturing Career

If you’re looking to start a career instead of taking just another job, consider a manufacturing career.

The manufacturing industry continues to fuel the economy.

It’s not only a sector that employs nearly 10 percent of the country, it’s a leader in technology and innovation. And it only continues to grow.

With so many manufacturing companies currently looking to hire new employees, now is an ideal time to become part of this booming industry.

Unsure if it’s the right move for you?

Here are 5 reason to consider a manufacturing career:

1. Manufacturing jobs offer tons of entry-level opportunities.

Most companies are willing to do on-the-job training and require no previous work experience. It’s an ideal job choice for recent graduates, people looking to expand their work experience, or people who want to transition into a new industry. From aerospace, food production, textiles, to pharmaceuticals, manufacturing spans the spectrum. You can choose to work in a field you’re passionate about.

2. You can actually see the results of your hard work.

The products you create are real. They’re tangible. The manufacturing field is so vast that you could be making anything – from wires and cables, to plastic toys, or even airplane parts. You can actually say “I made that!” It’s rewarding to know that the work you do will always have an impact on the lives of others, whether it’s in the things they do and or the things they purchase.

3. There’s a lot of money to be made in manufacturing.

A common misconception is that warehouse or assembly jobs don’t pay as much as other jobs, but that’s simply not true. These jobs often offer overtime opportunities. It’s a great way to make some extra money on top of a steady income. Some companies also give monthly or quarterly competitive bonuses as well. Healthcare benefits and retirement plans are also common among manufacturing employers, making these jobs highly desirable.

4. A manufacturing job keeps you active.

Compared to a desk job where you may spend the day sitting in one place, a manufacturing job can help keep you fit and stimulated. Many times, you’ll be performing a variety of job duties that may involve being on your feet, bending, stretching, lifting, etc. The physical aspect of manufacturing work not only help keep you in shape, it can help keep the days from feeling boring.

5. Manufacturing jobs offer several avenues for growth and development.

While the majority of manufacturing jobs may start out as entry-level production roles, there are other opportunities available within the industry. Remember, many companies prefer to promote from within. Once you have your foot in the door, you can potentially grow into leadership or management position, in a wide variety of departments. Show interest in the business and work hard, and you’ll pave the way for opportunities in no time.

If you decide to pursue a manufacturing career, or want to find out what manufacturing companies are hiring in your area, consider partnering with TERRA.

How TERRA Can Help You Start a Manufacturing Career

TERRA is connected to many reputable manufacturing companies in the Seattle-Puget SoundPortland-Metro, and Phoenix-Metro areas and we can help you find a manufacturing opportunity that is right for you.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these great success stories:

  • Xavier McArthur was eager to gain experience and build his resume. He left customer service behind to explore a manufacturing career – and has had great success! (Check out Xavier’s story.)
  • John Newman had no problem working hard and was accustomed to working long hours. But he was tired of taking jobs that were basic and easy. He wanted a fulfilling career and found one in manufacturing. (Check out John’s story.)
  • Michael Ford worked for years as a fitness trainer, but needed more financial stability when he learned he was going to be a father. He found both stability and job satisfaction in manufacturing. (Check out Michael’s story.)

Want to learn more about manufacturing jobs available through TERRA?

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