These 5 Apps Will Make You a Better Manager

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on May 4, 2018

apps can help managers win Want to become more organized, stay up to date with industry news and get more done in less time?

Look no further than smartphone apps!

Here are 5 apps that make a manager’s busy day easier:

1. Dragon Dictation/FlexT9


Dragon Dictation is an iPhone voice-to-text app, allowing you to dictate documents and paste the resulting text directly into other apps. It’s a great time-saver for managers who want to make notes without having to type them. It’s also a great way to capture ideas you have while you’re driving. Android’s equivalent app goes by the name FlexT9.

2. Evernote

(Free or $45 per year)

Evernote is a digital, cloud-based notebook for both Android and iPhone. It lets you create voice, photo and text notes, organize them into separate “notebooks,” and share them with your team. Evernote’s related web interface and desktop apps make it easy to create, edit and share information and sync team members who may not always work in the same location.

The free version offers 40 megabytes of uploading per month. The premium version allows 500 megabytes per month and costs $45 per year.

3. Skype

(Free, $8.99 per month)

Few communications apps are as pervasively used as Skype, which works seamlessly on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Palm devices. The app offers not only the ability to make video and voice calls, but also to stay in touch with team members through its instant messaging system.

While the basic Skype app is free, you can also upgrade to the premium version for $8.99 per month.

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4. Hootsuite

(Free, tiered pricing based on features)

Social media managers love Hootsuite, but team managers can use it to monitor what’s posted on your company’s social media pages as well. Hootsuite offers iPhone, Android and web apps. The free version allows you to schedule posts for up to five social media platforms and see responses, or you can expand the list by paying for one of the more advanced versions.

5. Wunderlist


Wunderlist regularly makes productivity professionals’ “top to-do list” rankings for its simplicity and versatility. The combination list and task manager app allows you to group related lists, set push notifications to remind you of tasks, update lists from any device and more.

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