Keep Losing New Hires? 5 Corrective Actions to Take

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on May 5, 2017

Companies facing continuous turnover of new hires find that, eventually, their organization suffers.

If this situation sounds familiar, here are five steps you can take to improve retention of the people you work so hard to add to the team.

Improve your onboarding process.
Often, new hires leave a few weeks or months into the job because they feel the learning curve is hopeless. They’ve been asked to master a new job without adequate support or guidance, and they realize they can do better elsewhere. Effective onboarding can prevent these losses by giving new staff the support they need to do the job confidently.

Take a second look at how you hire.
Your hiring process can bring in candidates that will fit in well and enjoy the work—or it can bring in candidates who are a poor match for your company’s culture and the demands of the job. Double-check your job descriptions to make sure they accurately describe the job’s day-to-day demands. Work with your recruiter to seek out people who will fit well with your company’s culture.

Hold exit interviews – no matter how prompt the “exit” is.
Hold exit interviews for every new hire who leaves, even if they leave after only a few days. During your exit interview, ask why they decided to leave or look for a different job. Remind the exiting staff member the interview is confidential and their answers won’t be used against them—you want them to be honest so you can fix potential problems.

Ask long-term staff for insight.
New hires may be coming and going, but what about the staff who have been with you for years? How would they describe the organization’s culture, and why do they stay? Their answers can give insight into how to present your company’s culture in your employment branding materials. These materials, in turn, can help you attract candidates who are a good fit—and encourage those who are not a good fit to look elsewhere.

Share your findings with your recruiting partner.
Staffing firms specialize in helping their clients turn insights about culture and hiring into a cohesive strategy for recruiting and retaining the best available talent. Coordinate with your staffing partner to help find people who will want to stay for years—not leave in the first week.

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