Perks That Attract Top Talent: You Might Be Surprised

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on October 7, 2014

To get the best talent, you have to offer the highest possible salary – right? Not necessarily.

Top candidates know what they’re worth. They also know how their skills are valued in monetary terms by the industry. Since individual companies in an industry strive to keep their salary offers competitive, a top candidate knows she will receive a salary in approximately the same range no matter which job offer the candidate accepts.

For these candidates, choosing among job offers isn’t only – or even primarily – about salary. It’s about finding a company that offers the things they need to do their best work. By offering top candidates these valuable “perks,” companies can attract the talent they need to thrive.

What kind of “perks” really attract top talent? Consider these:

  • Flexible scheduling and “work from anywhere” options. Top candidates do their best work when they have room to think and the tools they need to turn those thoughts into productive work. When an employee has the option to work from home, schedule their hours flexibly, or to telecommute, the employee can manage their life more effectively – freeing up valuable cognitive resources for productive, effective work.
  • Support with continuing education. Top talent reaches the “top” by treating learning as a life-long process. A company that actively supports employees’ ongoing learning with education subsidies, memberships in professional organizations, help with grant writing, and other benefits demonstrates that it respects this commitment to learning. And when top talent learns new skills or approaches, the company benefits as well.
  • Health care. One of the biggest expenses facing most families is healthcare – and big expenses mean big stress. Offer a competitive health plan that covers employees’ medical needs and those of their families, and watch workers free up time and energy to focus on their projects and daily tasks. (Also, employees who are less stressed get sick less, which means a good health plan helps pay for itself.)
  • Gimmick-free. Companies like top candidates because they’re smart. They are certainly smart enough to see when a benefit really “benefits” them, and when it’s simply a gimmick – like the Ping-Pong table in the break room that has never seen a real game. When choosing perks, be prepared to explain how they truly benefit both the employee and the company.

For expert advice on crafting perks that attract and keep top talent, talk to your recruiter. At TERRA Staffing Group, we challenge ourselves to find and offer better talent to each client we serve. To learn more about our Pacific Northwest staffing services, contact us or browse our available talent today!


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