What Employees Want From Their Job

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on July 26, 2013

Satisfied employees are more productive, more highly motivated, and more likely to stay with an organization in the long term.  What keeps employees happy on the job?

While most hiring managers’ first instinct is to answer “salary and benefits,” compensation is only one part of the package for an employee — and in some cases, even excellent compensation may not be enough to encourage a top employee to stay with your organization.  What draws out the loyalty of your best employees?  Here are three key things that top employees want from their jobs — and that top candidates look for during a job search.

  1. Self-Gratification.  Employees need work that cultivates a sense of self-worth and allows them to take pride in accomplishing tasks – especially when those tasks are difficult or unexpected.  Even simple praise when an employee succeeds can go a long way toward helping top talent develop the sense of gratification in their work that keeps them coming back.
  2. Opportunity for Growth.  Top employees regularly consider and plan their careers over both the short and long term.  An organization that can provide these employees with opportunities to grow and develop are more likely to see these workers stay.  Without clear chances to grow and develop, however, employees are likely to find even a five-year commitment to be a worrisome prospect.
  3. Recognition.  Praise and public recognition of successes go a long way toward boosting morale and encouraging productivity. Even employees who aren’t on the receiving end of a particularly positive comment benefit from an environment in which praise is given for jobs well done.

At Terra Staffing, our experienced recruiters know what keeps candidates happy and it shows: our talent satisfaction score is nearly twice the industry average, earning us a place on the Best of Staffing — Talent list.  To learn how we can help you find and keep top candidates, contact us today!

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