Talent 2023

Join TERRA’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jen Lambert, and John Vlastelica, Founder of Recruiting Toolbox, as they delve into the talent landscape of 2023. From Talent Acquisition to embracing transparency, gain practical insights and competitive advantages. …

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HR Myth Busters: Tipping HR’s Sacred Cows

In this session of HR HotSpot, we’ve invited back fan-favorite, Jodi Slavik, Employment Attorney and Strategic Services Director for Vigilant to join TERRA’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jenifer Lambert in taking down some workplace “conventional wisdom”. 

Jodi and Jen will take on some HR principles that have gone unquestioned for too long and possibly tip over—some of HR’s other sacred cows …

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No Ordinary Day: Stemming the Tide of Turnover with Transformative Talent Strategies

As we continue to work through the pandemic, and work back toward a normal that feels like it’s just slightly out of reach, there is one thing that has become abundantly clear: something’s changed. 

In this session, Jen Lambert, Chief Strategy Officer for TERRA Staffing Group, will share a backdrop of how the employment market has undergone a radical shift and, more importantly, what smart employers are doing to not just adapt, but thrive in this moment.

She will discuss:
– A radical shift from thinking of talent as employees to customers.
– Why employment brand isn’t just a buzzword but an actual business strategy.
– How to transform the workplace into a talent magnet
– Opportunities to mine untapped talent pools …

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John Vlastelica

Winning More Talent — It’s an Inside Job

There is no doubt that recruiting is on the top of every business leader’s mind and priorities at the moment. With an economy that is showing robust signs of recovery, talent in short supply and epidemic levels of turnover, the talent challenges of the past seem like child’s play compared to the current market.

In this session, we will discuss the current talent market, important changes in recruiting strategy and important tactics for any company who wants to win. …

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Talent 2021: Strategies and Tactics for the “Next” Normal

In this presentation, Jen Lambert, Chief Strategy Officer, of TERRA Staffing Group will answer the question “what now?” 

– What are the winning moves for attracting and retaining the talent your organization needs in light of the “new normal”?
– How do you need to adjust your staffing model to fit the strategy of your business?
– Are we all really never going back to the office? No, but…
– Specific issues and opportunities for organizations who need employees to physically show up (I’m looking at you, essential employers) …

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nancy kasmar

Top Trends in Total Rewards

What’s hot in the world of compensation and benefits? Take an hour out of your day and find out! Which employee benefits should you consider adding to your benefits package? Which compensation practice should you stop? Which healthcare developments should you keep an eye on? Learn the answers to these questions (and more) as we explore what’s happening in the world of total rewards. We’ll discuss the compensation and benefits trends to watch (and possibly adopt) during 2017. …

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