Returning to Work After a Debilitating Illness

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on February 9, 2018

Image of woman standing in front of door, nervous about returning to work after an illness.You spent weeks, months, maybe even years trying to recover from a debilitating illness.

Now that you’re (thankfully) healthy again, you find yourself with something new to dread: rejoining the workforce.

You didn’t choose to get sick. You didn’t choose to put your career on hold.

Those employment gaps were not by choice.

But how do you make a prospective employer understand that it was illness that put your career on hold?

This can be a struggle – especially when gaps in employment can sometimes be viewed negatively by employers.

Rather than throw your resume into a black hole of applications, consider partnering with a staffing firm.

They are well-connected to a variety of companies across multiple industries. You will be able to connect with real people who can help. People with whom you can share your story, your experience, your goals, your needs, and your dreams.

How TERRA Can Help You Return to Work After Illness

At TERRA, we believe that we become successful by helping others become successful. That’s why our mission is simple: Success Stories Created Daily.

Every year we help connect thousands of people to exciting, new opportunities, enabling them to create success stories of their own.

If you find yourself struggling to find work after illness, we might be able to help – just as we were able to help Eshawn Edgecombe.

She had difficulty finding work after years of unemployment due to breast cancer. A friend told her to reach out to TERRA and the rest is history.

Check out Eshawn’s story.

Getting Started with TERRA

Getting started with us is easy! Just check out our current job openings.

We have offices in the Seattle-Puget Sound, Portland-Metro, and Phoenix-Metro areas. Our expert recruiters are waiting to speak with you.

So don’t wait and reach out to the TERRA office nearest you today.

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