6 Ways to Keep Your Staff Engaged and Productive

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on October 24, 2016

excited-employees“Disengagement” is more than a buzzword – it’s a productivity killer.  Without a positive, challenging workplace, staff may “check out,” decreasing their productivity or even leaving the company altogether.

Here are six ways to help keep your staff engaged and productivity high:

  1. Start a mentorship program. Mentoring programs keep both mentors and mentees engaged, help them share ideas, and develop an improved company-wide understanding of how each person’s role contributes to the “big picture.” Your staffing partner can help you start a mentoring program that works.
  2. Consider paid job training. By paying for employees to gain new skills or credentials, you demonstrate you value their work enough to invest in it. When employees can choose which skills or credentials to gain, they develop a sense of ownership in the learning and in their work.
  3. Offer “career-pathing.” What are your employees’ career goals, and how can you help them reach those goals within the context of the company’s vision and momentum? By offering career-pathing, you can answer these questions and keep your people engaged and dedicated to growing alongside your business.
  4. Increase performance reviews. A single yearly performance review is easily forgotten. Instead, increase performance reviews to quarterly or even monthly meetings.  This takes some of the pressure off each meeting and allows managers and staff to set goals and track progress.
  5. Give your people new responsibilities. Often, staff members have skills that aren’t being used – and staff members don’t feel fully challenged or valued as a result. Find your team’s “hidden talents” and create new responsibilities and opportunities to use them.
  6. Give praise where praise is due. A simple “Thank you” or “Good job!” spoken or emailed to an employee, especially in front of the team, can go a long way toward making employees feel as if their work matters.

When your staff feels valued and they are invested in their role and the organization, your company will benefit. This is important as it will also help your overall recruiting and retention strategy. Work with your recruiting partner to craft a staffing plan that focuses not only finding the right talent, but also implements strategies that will retain your employees.

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